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Episode Transcript

(Marc)>> You're watching Powernation.

(Marc)>> Today on Music City Trucks... We'll install our engine, transmission and transfer case... Head back to Blast From the Past... Plus get a professional cut and buff from the guys at Sonax. But first, in honor of our Seafoam sponsored bronco, our special guest will talk about the Warrior's Heart Foundation and its' mission. And we touch how all the auction proceeds will go directly to it's cause. ♪ [engine revving] ♪

(Brandon)>> Welcome to Music City Trucks, I'm Brandon Burke.

(Marc)>> And I'm Marc Christ and we've got an exciting show for you today as you can tell, we're back on our nineteen seventy-four bronco here. We just recently got it all painted up nice and it's time to start reassembly, which is very exciting. We're going to start stabbing some things in the engine bay, inside the truck as well. It's going to be a lot of fun. But before we can get to that, we've got some very distinguished guests here with us. We've got two veterans, deeply rooted in our bronco project. Tom Spooner & Jamey Caldwell, so glad you guys are here.

(Tom)>> Man! Thanks for having us.

(Jamey)>> Yeah this is great. We're honored to be here and honored to be a part of this project. Tom and I go way back. Lots of time in the military together. Lots of deployments together. And now in our afterlife, my ties with Seaform and Black Rifle Coffee and then getting to go down to Warrior's Heart and visit Tom and be a part of this project, it's just amazing.

(Tom)>> Yes. Like Jamey said... just all the time that we spent together and then now in our, I guess we call it our post retirement, afterlife. I'm very involved and one of the founders of Warrior's Heart. You know, which is the inspiration from this whole build.

(Brandon)>> Me and Marc are so proud to be building this truck and we've been putting long hours, because we want this truck to represent Warrior's Heart and hopefully...

(Tom)>> It's absolutely coming along that way.

(Jamey)>> Yeah! It's going to be amazing. When this thing is sitting on the auction block, whoever wins it, whoever gets it is going to be an unbelievable vehicle to have. The background behind it and what really gets me is, you know I visited Warrior's Heart and I been down there. And I've taken guys fishing, and to see what happens down there, and to know that all the proceeds from this, from this whole project, this great build, is going to help numerous guys and get them back on their feet. Some off them off the street, but just get them right. It's just... it's amazing. You can't even believe what this... what you guys are doing. What everybody involved is doing, I mean you can't put a price on it. It is literally going to save guys lives.

(Tom)>> And it absolutely will through the foundation. Every dollar goes towards a human being. It's not one of those things for awareness or this and that. It's like a... that's how you get involved is by helping other human beings. That's why we're all doing what we're doing. And that's how the viewers and everyone else will be able to get involved with auction. So it's just an incredible deal.

(Marc)>> Yeah that's something else too for our viewers Tom, that aren't familiar with Warrior's Heart Foundation. Could you describe it briefly?

(Tom)>> Yeah! So Warrior's Heart Foundation, the meat and potatoes of it, it subsidizes treatment costs, for our veterans and our first responders. So, our protectors. You know, those professions, they're pretty tough. And a lot of our protectors, you know form nine eleven to a nine one one call, you know they get beat up pretty good and get banged up and some of them begin to self medicate and just end up in a bad spot. So Warrior's Heart Foundation subsidizes those treatment costs to get assistance that they need. It also helps educate the local community there around Bandera Texas, and it also helps fund k-nines for folks that need service animals.

(Marc)>> And you guys have had almost two thousand people come through now? So at Warrior's Heart we've had two thousand warriors come through since we started in two thousand and sixteen. And none of that is possible without the American people supporting our protectors along the way. Like Jamey had mentioned... we got all walks of life, from folks that you know are really on the bottom, coming from homeless all the way to hey they just need a little assistance along the way. So, it's a ... we're grateful to be able to provide that support to all those that support all of us and all our families and all our communities in our country. It's just kind of... it just makes sense.

(Marc)>> Well thank you guys, both for your service, and thank you for stepping up and creating such an awesome organization and we're really honored, like Brandon said, to be part of this whole, project, to help out.

(Tom)>> Absolutely!

(Marc)>> So not all only is this bronco being sold at Mecum Auctions, with the proceeds going to Warrior's Heart Foundation, but we also have a twenty twenty-one bronco that you could win. So just go to our web site powernation t-v dot com, to find out more. We're going to get started building this truck and we'll see you guys hopefully at Mecum.

(Jamey)>> That sounds good.

(Tom)>> That would be excellent. We'd love to be there.

(Marc)>> Thank you guys!

(Jamey)>> Now you all can finally get back to work.

(Marc)>> Up next... We cerakote the headers... Powder-coat the roll bar... And bed line the tub.

(Marc)>> Where do you want it?

(Brandon)>> Probably right there.

(Marc)>> Alright! I've got to run.

(Brandon)>> Alright! Well we got the bronco pretty much stripped down and getting it ready for bed liner. It's pretty much the same process as doing the underside, a bunch of masking and sanding. So all there is, is get to it. ♪ (Marc) Alright, go on up. Well we're here at Blast From the Past. Of course, this where we brought our frame to have it powdered coated. We've got some other things like roll cage we want to get coated and some miscellaneous things here. One of the things we want to point out... you might have noticed back at the shop, we had all the suspension torn back out from underneath the truck. Which, we kind of didn't want to do but, we felt like it was a little too much turquoise. Once we got the paint spraying and everything back under there it just really too much. This already powdered coated, so this doesn't have to get blasted like that roll cage does. So this stuff will go right into the powder coat oven and get coated up nicely. Along with some other miscellaneous things we have. ♪ Our first order of business is to get everything blasted and prepped for coating. [hose hissing] ♪ Now normally when we come here to Blast From the Past, we get things powder coated. Well, we are doing that but we're also going to do something special today, and that's going to be for our headers. And that's something called cerkote. Now that's a ceramic coating and a lot of times you hear about headers that come ceramic coated, there's a reason for this. It's a high temperature coating. So it's not going to discolor once the exhaust goes through it's heat cycle. Not only that, it's going to look really nice. Cerakote is an innovator in ceramic based coatings which can be used for a lot of different applications, including trim, chassis and suspension parts, and engine components like our headers. Now Cerkote offers several different lines of ceramic coating. But what we chose is the Glacier Series. And what's cool about that is... you don't have to bake it. Once you spray it on, you let it air dry and then it's basically done after that. So, we're going to let this dry a little bit, those will be ready to go. ♪ Well, last time we were here, we had our frame coated with that black color and I mentioned that Prismatic has over sixty five hundred different custom colors. So we actually picked one of those ourselves and that is what they call Almond White. And it's a really close, exact really match to our Wimbledon White, that's going to be our accent color on our bronco here. So we got some of these components that need to be really durable, like the roll cage and spare tire carrier here that we got from James Duff. Along with all that stuff that was turquoise that we decided was too much turquoise. Guess what? Those are all going to be that white color too. Now it's time to move on to the powder. ♪ As beautiful as that turquoise is, we can't go wrong with this Prismatic Almond White powder coat. ♪ Well, this stuff looks really amazing. It's all baked on now. All that Prismatic powder coat. We've got the cage done and we've got the cerakote on the headers. This stuff needs to cool a little bit and then we can take it back to the shop, start reassembling.

(Brandon)>> Alright! Well, we got the inside of the truck prepped and masked off. Even got it all seam sealed. So, we're ready for bed liner. Now the kit we're going to be using, we got from Summit Racing. It's a SEM Rock-It kit. So you can brush it on, roll it on or even spray it on. It comes with a gun, so that's what we're going to be doing. Now the cool part about this kit... is it's tint-table. So, you can put your base coat, so you can match the outside or whatever color you want. All you got to do is mix it in the right ratios and you're ready to go.

(Marc)>> Now when applying this bedliner, you might want to take your time. Using light coats and with fifteen minute flash times in between. Because, if you put it on too thick, it will run. And that's no bueno. [gun hissing] As you can see, the second coat really makes this color pop. And it also shows one of the reasons, why we decided the suspension made for too much turquoise. And hey! We like turquoise. ♪

(Brandon)>> Next... the guys from Sonax are here to give our bronco that ultimate mirror like finish.

(Marc)>> Well as ready as I am to start assembly here with our bronco and start getting the drivetrain installed and everything. We can't do that quiet yet because there's one major thing that we want to get done before we do that. We want to get this beautiful turquoise paint finished off really nice, with a slick shine. And to help us to do that we have Cole here and Jason from Sonax. Guys, thank you so much for coming in to help.

(Jason)>> Thanks for having us Marc. We appreciate it.

(Cole)>> Yeah! Thank you! We're excited to be here. We're getting this truck ready for SEMA, as everybody knows. And to do that, we have to use the Sonax polishes and compounds to get this to a mirror like shine and finish. But to first off, to get us ready for that, we have to wet sand.

(Marc)>> Alright! Well, let's get cranking. When you look really closely at the paint surface, which sometimes requires using a light, you can start to see the imperfections and the rough surface, which we call orange peel. That's when you can get a rough idea of how much work it will take, to get to the finished product. ♪

(Cole)>> So, the whole point of wet sanding is... yes the paint is already shiny, but if you look close at it, you can kind of see what we call orange peel. And if you look at the orange peel, it's kind of a dimply... it's a smooth surface but it's kind of dimply. The whole point of wet sanding is it gets out the trash that might be in the paint and it also smooths out that orange peel to give you a true mirror like, smooth, slick finish. ♪

(Marc)>> Sanding can be a tedious process but it's necessary so we can move on to the compound and polish to ultimately reach that beautiful finish we all want to achieve. ♪ Now I got this fender cut down with fifteen hundred wet, and what that did was get rid of all that orange peel and any of the trash that was in there. It's nice and smooth now. It's not shiny yet, but we'll get to that later. We just need to get to the rest of the panel cut down with the same fifteen hundred wet, then we can go back and start buffing.

(Jason)>> Ok! After a long day of sanding the Beach Cruiser Bronco, we came in this morning and noticed that there's a few spots that you can see here in the paint, that need a little more attention. So, we're going to come in here today and hit it with a little more aggressive sandpaper and get it smooth, that you can see here on the right side. So, we basically want these to look identical.

(Marc)>> It doesn't matter the color of the paint, dark or light, the orange peel will be there. And here we have a chance to really make our top color pop. ♪ [sander humming] ♪ [sander humming]

(Jason)>> Alright! So, what we've done is we've wet sanded the vehicle... with a thousand grit sandpaper. We're hitting it with a purple, wool cutting pad, using our Ultimate Cut product. We're then following back up with a step number two that will remove any sanding scratches left behind, with Ulitmate Cut with a yellow pad and our Perfect Finish product. [sander humming]

(Marc)>> Now you start to see the clarity of the paint coming through. With the reflection of Jason's hat, along with everything else, reflecting in the light.

(Jason)>> Alright! So, as you can see, I've used the Ultimate Cut compound to finish the top of the door. We've removed all of our twelve hundred grit sanding scratches. So now what we're going to do, we're going to remove our pad, we're going to switch to our yellow Sonax medium cutting pad. We're going to use our Perfect Finish product. This will remove any micro scratches left behind, from the Ultimate Cut and give us an absolutely brilliant finish. ♪ [sander humming]

(Brandon)>> Well, Jason, Cole, I think you guys did an awesome job on the tub.

(Jason)>> You know we're excited about how it turned out and we can't wait to see it on the floor at SEMA and at the Mecum Auto auction. I think it's gonna blow people's minds and how nice this truck's gonna to be. And I think... me and Marc can get the rest of the panels, with the techniques and advice you guys showed us, so... I think we got it.

(Jason)>> We'll leave you some product and turn it over to you guys.

(Brandon)>> Alright! Sweet! I think we got the work cut out.

(Marc)>> Next... our supercharged Edelbrock engine goes into it's home for good.

(Brandon)>> Rad!

(Brandon)>> Well, if this isn't a rad color combination, I don't know what is. We got the cage in it. We got all the suspension back under it and I'm gonna say... changing the control arms to white was a good decision.

(Marc)>> Definitely! Yeah! I'm really glad all that paint and body work, cutting and buffing and all that behind us right now. My voice is cracking. These late nights have been really wearing on me. We're getting down to the part that's my favorite part of the build and that's going to be the nuts and bolts of final assembly. And we've got a special guest here. We've got Mark Campbell with Edelbrock Group. Mark. Thanks for coming in.

(Mark)>> Thank you very much. Very glad to be here.

(Marc)>> Well obviously, we're going to talk about the Edelbrock supercharged coyote crate engine that we've got here, that's going in our bronco. And all the components that came with that and some of the other things that have been going on with Edelbrock Group. So, let's start with the engine.

(Mark)>> Absolutely! Well that's the most exciting part for sure. We've got our five liter, supercharged coyote crate engine here. A pretty exceptional piece. The really cool part about this engine is that it's all brand new. There's not one used part inside of the engine. So, you really get a lot of value out of everything that you get here for sure. So, this is a package and this is kind of a premier package as far as crate engines go right?

(Mark)>> Absolutely. This is one of our top of the line engines that we have. Certainly, obviously, one of the more expensive engines, but also one of the most powerful engines that we have. It starts out with the foundation of a brand block from Ford. Brand new crank shaft from Ford as well. Then we put some really high end forged rods and pistons into it to handle all the boost that we're going to put through it. And that's kind of the meat and potatoes of it right there. As our Edelbrock twenty-six-fifty series supercharger on top. That makes all the power.

(Marc)>> Now our bronco, you mentioned it being a high-end crate engine. Our bronco is a high end bronco. If we were building a bronco that maybe wasn't going to SEMA or wasn't' going to auction, You guys offer other crate engines that we actually considered. The three o two, which would be a very obvious choice for an engine like this.

(Mark)>> Absolutely. We have a whole gambit of different crate engines for sure. Starting out with some basic three hundred horse power small block Chevys and big block Chevrolets and Fords. So yeah, we really have a good cross section. No matter what kind of horsepower you're looking for, what kind of budget you have, we pretty much have them all. And they're all in different stages. You can get carbureted, fuel injected with all the accessories on the front, with just the basic engine. I mean, however you want it, we have all those options.

(Marc)>> So we covered the engine itself, but that's not all that comes with the kit right? We've got everything here on the table, let's talk about some of that stuff too.

(Mark)>> Yeah! So I mean, the engine comes kind of complete, the way you see it here. And then all this other stuff helps make this thing complete. So, we do use a factory forty e-c-u. We've re-flashed it with the tune specifically for this engine. And then you have the complete wiring harness, with everything you need to put this thing together. You're basically putting power in ground and a switch power to this harness. You've got all the stuff for the inner cooler, the pump, all the hoses. Obviously, we've got the oil to put in the engine. Kind of couple different scenarios on air box. We do have a factory style air box if you have room for that. Or, we do also have a more of a universal kit, which is probably going to be more popular for most installs. Especially this one, being that engine space is a little bit limited for sure.

(Marc)>> We're at the point now, where we're ready to put the engine in and since you're here, do you want to give us a hand?

(Mark)>> Well absolutely. I love getting my hands dirty. So, let's do it. ♪

(Brandon)>> Be careful with the firewall Marc.

(Marc)>> Yeah, I see it right there. Ok! Throttle body is going to get in the way now. We're going to have to tilt it, so tilt it back.

(Brandon)>> You want me to get under it?

(Marc)>> Yeah! Alright go down. Go down with it.

(Mark)>> I'm pretty close too here.

(Marc)>> Go down. What was that?

(Mark)>> Maybe it was just the spring. Ok. Yeah, so it's just sitting on the front cross member.

(Marc)>> Yeah, that's fine. That's fine. Track bar is kicking everything because it's not sitting...

(Mark)>> If we can just put the motor mount nuts on and just leave them loose. So that nothing falls out.

(Marc)>> We could do that.

(Mark)>> I think it's sliding on this power steering pump. Sorry! The ac.

(Marc)>> We're good on the driver. Try it.

(Brandon)>> The block itself looks straight back here. Let's get this header on.

(Marc)>> Ok. I say we unstrap it. ♪ Call it a victory.

(Mark)>> I think so.

(Marc)>> Well it's nice having some good help around here for a change.

(Brandon)>> Hey now!

(Marc)>> You act like you've done this before Mark.

(Mark)>> A couple times.

(Marc)>> What's your background?

(Mark)>> Maybe not putting a coyote in a bronco, but yeah. It looks like it's going to be a pretty awesome vehicle when it's all done.

(Marc)>> Well it was cool having you here. It really was.

(Mark)>> Thank you!

(Marc)>> We really appreciate it.

(Mark)>> Thank you!

(Marc)>> Now we move on to our transmission and transfer case. We going up?

(Brandon)>> Yep! ♪ You got it started?

(Marc)>> Yep! A little bit.

(Brandon)>> Alright! This thing's going in pretty easy. It's taking a while.

(Marc)>> That ratchet's really cute Brandon, but um... give me the socket. I've got something a little better for you.

(Brandon)>> You don't like the manual labor?

(Marc)>> Well you know, when you got tools like this, why would you use tools like that? What I love about these impacts, especially this little stubby one, other than the fact that it saves time... is... [ratchet popping] I know I can rely on it. Tight area. Big power. This thing's been around forever too. [ratchet popping] Bring it down. ♪

(Brandon)>> Seems kind of heavy duty.

(Marc)>> It is really heavy.

(Brandon)>> Alright!

(Marc)>> Alright! Let me get this out of it. Well, all of the drivetrain's in.

(Brandon)>> Axles. Suspension. Body's on the frame. Roll cage is in.

(Marc)>> All we have to do now is just...

(Brandon)>> Everything else?

(Marc)>> Put the thing together.

(Brandon)>> Seat and wiring...

(Marc)>> Save that for next time.

(Brandon)>> Air conditioning. Plumbing. Radiator. Lights.

(Marc)>> Trim.

(Brandon)>> Wheels.

(Marc)>> Tires. Brake lines.

(Brandon)>> Fuel system. ♪

(Marc)>> It's not my fault.
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