What’s more exciting than starting a new show with an instant classic? Music City Trucks knew they needed to hit the ground running, and they decided to do this by building a classic 1991 GMC Suburban they named Unbreakable. They chose this truck for a few reasons, one being the last of the classic square body style, and another because it’s the biggest SUV of its era. The Suburban is a prime example of a beginner off-road rig where parts are readily available at a reasonable price. 

The biggest challenge was the one they set for themselves – naming it “Unbreakable” isn’t something they took lightly. They understood something can always break, but with this setup, a special rig was about to be unleashed into the wild. Setting up the geometry was crucial to having a truck that could be used on the trails and on the road without having any fear of driving over 25mph, so it took a lot of tack, measure, tack, move, tack. 

What makes Unbreakable so unique is the parts the guys used for the project. From the Bilstein suspension provided to us by Summit Racing, to the Dana 60 axles, and the 4-link from Off Road Design, this is the ultimate way to hit the trails. The axles are built about as tough as you can imagine, and Engine Power even chipped in and built a 383 Stroker to solely for this project, about as tough as it gets when it comes to engines, which is deserving of its “Unbreakable” badge of honor. 

Music City Trucks accomplished what they set out for, and what makes this particular project so impressive is that they built an incredible 4×4 machine that can take a beating on the trail, but drives you home once the weekend wraps up. The truck boasts an overdrive and higher gears in the axles for it to run on the highway and a dual-t case setup for super low gears on the trail.