Clint Black’s connection to the 1960 Ford F100 runs deep, dating back to 1989 when he showcased it in the music video for “Killin’ Time,” a chart-topping hit that soared to #1 on the Billboard country charts. This classic truck boasts a rugged charm with its timeless rounded cab, subtle stylish lines, and an iconic grill.

The journey of Clint Black’s F100 took an unexpected turn during an attempt to make a grand entrance at the Houston Rodeo. Breaking down halfway to the stage, Clint found himself making the memorable long walk to the stage. With resourcefulness and a touch of ingenuity, the transmission was temporarily fixed with a coat hanger, just enough to move it off the rodeo grounds. Since that incident, the truck has been patiently awaiting the attention it deserves.

For the past two decades, this iconic F100 has rested in a barn, waiting for its moment to hit the road once again. When the time finally arrived to revive this vintage beauty, Clint Black entrusted the team at Music City Trucks to bring his truck back to life.

The guys at Music City Trucks made it a mission to revive this 1960 Ford 100. From rebuilding the transmission to installing a new engine and adding a fresh truck bed lining and more, their meticulous work restored Clint’s classic vehicle to its former glory, taking us all on a journey from its forgotten state at the rodeo to once again hitting the road.

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