Music City Trucks wanted to turn it up a notch after their debut of Unbreakable and build a powerful SUV that, simply put, goes really fast. With the Jeep Trackhawk as their inspiration, the project called for a Jeep with a supercharged V8 that pumped out at least 707 horsepower. It also needed some heavy-duty brakes to stop it all. Thus, the TrashHawk idea was conceived.

The guys felt a classic 1986 Jeep Wagoneer would suffice as the canvass for their ambitious plan of a “knock off Trackhawk.” The objective was to turn their weak Wagoneer into a screaming street monster by extracting the high-performance aspects of the radical Jeep Trackhawk. Instead of buying a Trackhawk, which would cost a pretty penny, it made more sense to take on and conquer the challenge of building one at a more reasonable cost.

The Wagoneer arrived at the studio with factory vinyl-wrapped wood grain, four headlights, and even came with a set of fog lights, which is where it stops, and the work begins. It was time to inject the essence of the Trackhawk and put it into TrashHawk.

After disconnecting all the plumbing, driveshaft, exhaust, and linkage, it was time to remove the engine to make way for something, well, more powerful than what it was originally packing, which was a supercharged LSX 427 built by Engine Power. The guys wanted, at the very least, 707 horsepower. Well, they surpassed that by dropping in this massive motor that produced a whopping 785 horsepower!

To support all that power, the guys installed an American Powertrain Magnum 6-Speed transmission to fry some tires and rip through gears. Although the Trackhawk is an all-wheel-drive automatic, Music City Trucks went in another direction to support all that torque. They also added a Centerforce Twin Disc clutch for its streetability and grip to deal with the massive amounts of power.

Next was making sure the frame could handle all those added ponies, so the guys went to the junkyard to pick up a set of junkyard axles, but they ended up upgrading everything with some new lowering springs and adjustable control arms from Summit Racing. To stop all that power, a set of EBC Brakes were bolted on.

Groundbreaking is how Music City Trucks describes TrashHawk. We can assume they engineers at Jeep didn’t bank on this amount of power when they built this Wagoneer, but standing out and creating something unique is what counts. TrashHawk started as a sketch on a napkin and turned into a powerful beast that’s ready to fry some tires, do donuts, tear up the streets, and leave even Trackhawk owners ready to trade their trucks in.