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Episode Transcript

(Marc)>> You're watching Powernation!

(Marc)>> Today on Music City Trucks it's all about fun with our 1974 Bronco, starting with SEMA in Las Vegas.

(Brandon)>> It's an adrenaline rush to be able to thank our sponsors and show off the Bronco in public for the first time.

(Marc)>> Then we'll take our Beach Cruiser Bronco down to Kissimmee, Florida, for Mecum's biggest auction of the year.

(Brandon)>> So buckle up for our last ride before the Caribbean turquois beauty becomes someone's new toy. [ MUSIC ]

(Brandon)>> Welcome to Music City Trucks. I'm Brandon Burke...

(Marc)>> ...and I'm Marc Christ, and we are here in the CoverCraft booth at SEMA 2021. Our Bronco's here at SEMA. It drove in here under its own power, which is very exciting. It's all finished up and it's covered up here, and here shortly we're gonna be uncovering it, unveiling it to everyone here at SEMA, and the whole world.

(Brandon)>> It's gonna be awesome. [ MUSIC ]

(Jeff)>> Welcome to SEMA '21. CoverCraft is the official car cover and seat cover sponsor of Powernation, and we're happy to have them here to unveil this beautiful truck. Without further ado I want to introduce Brandon and Marc, and then we're gonna talk about the truck and show it to you.

(Brandon)>> When we came up with this project, we were like we want to build an early Bronco. Something that me and Marc would be proud of, and we just had a simple plan. Do an engine swap, chassis swap, nice wheels and tires, and then Seafoam came in and they were like hey, we want to sponsor this, and so the idea started growing and growing. The next thing you know we got a whole bunch of new sheet metal, new chassis, axles, and it grew into a monster that I don't think we could have even thought about when we started it, and that's when we were like, we need a bunch of help. So, everyone at Powernation helped. Chris Ryan and his crew helped paint the truck, Chad with Car-o-liner. We can't thank all of you guys enough for putting your hands on this truck, and at the end it's something that me and Marc are really proud of.

(Marc)>> When Seafoam came on board they said, we want this thing to be sold and the proceeds go to Warriors Heart Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that helps veterans, active duty, and first responders who suffer from p-t-s-d or addiction, and all the money that gets donated to this charity goes directly to helping these people, which is absolutely amazing. There's not a lot of fat on this organization. It's very focused on helping veterans. This truck's gonna be sold at Mecum, and actually we've got John Kramen here with Mecum Auctions, and he's gonna talk about that a little bit.

(John)>> I was able to see this build maybe about halfway through the build process, and since that time it's been painted, the interior's gone in, the engine has been installed. So, a lot of the real high quality handy work is not gonna be apparent. Make no mistake, this is not a throw it together budget build. This is a high-quality build that is loaded with state-of-the-art components and a tremendous amount of passion, and on behalf of all of us at Mecum Auctions we're so glad to be a part of the sale of this.

(Marc)>> That being said, let's go ahead and take the cover off and so everyone can see it, and then we'll talk about some of the details.

(Brandon)>> Up next, it's time to pull back the cover and unveil our '74 Bronco project that was built from the ground up.

(Marc)>> Welcome back to Music City Trucks. We're about to unveil this project that has consumed our lives for over six months. [ MUSIC ] [ clapping ] [ MUSIC ]

(Brandon)>> We're extremely proud of how this project turned out. I really love how we managed to keep the factory look of this Bronco.

(Marc)>> If you didn't see the lift, and the wheels, and tires you might think it's a full restoration, but we actually built this truck from the ground up from parts. Basically, everything you see that's sheet metal or shiny on this truck all came from Dennis Carpenter. They restamped all of these components, and they fit really amazing. We used Car-o-liner spot welder to assemble it, and then the paint job we chose Caribbean Turquois. It's actually a color that Brandon chose. He'd painted an early Bronco that color before and said we've got to make it this color. So that's what we went with. Chris Ryan is here with Dolph and Danny. They came in and thrashed on this thing for a week. We had it in epoxy on Monday and on Friday it was cleared. So, a special thanks to you guys again. It just turned out so much better than we even imagined. So, we decided to go with a Coyote, and then Edelbrock got involved and they said, well we don't have a naturally aspirated Coyote, but we do have a 785-horsepower supercharged Coyote if you'd like to have that. So that's what we went with. That made the build a little more difficult, as you can imagine. This has been a labor of love. We're very proud of it, and hopefully when it crosses the block it'll blow us away with the number that it brings. [ MUSIC ]

(John)>> I think you've reset the bar for what you guys do, but that having been said, this is gonna be big money. This is gonna be a lot of money for the charity. So not only is it a big deal for you guys to be able to accomplish something and execute it so well, but when there's veterans involved with it getting the proceeds from the sale of it that's icing on the cake. It is gonna be exciting, and it is gonna be a lot of fun. All those late nights, long hours, all that frustration, it's all gonna pay off when it hits the auction block. History repeats itself.

(Brandon)>> Alright, well there you have it. The Bronco's at SEMA, we unveiled it, and it feels really good to have all the eyes on it and see the hard work that we've been putting in, all the late nights, it's paid off.

(Marc)>> Yeah, it's nice! Now that it's done, we can take a step back and take it in like everybody else is. It's just rewarding, and it's nice to take a breath.

(Brandon)>> Yeah, this is the first breath of fresh air that we've had in months, and I think now that the truck's unveiled I say we walk around and talk to people.

(Marc)>> And then before you know it you see this thing crossing the block at Mecum.

(Brandon)>> Putting the hammer down on it.

(Marc)>> Alright, let's go check the show out. Up next, we take our Bronco to Mecum for the big moment.

(Marc)>> Well we're back, and our Seafoam Bronco is back from SEMA, and I've got to say there's no better way to unveil your project vehicle to the world than on the floor at SEMA.

(Brandon)>> Yeah it was an amazing feeling. Everyone loved the truck, but now we're gonna be switching gears and loading this thing up to go to Mecum, but before we load it up we just got our 2021 Ford Bronco in, and I love the styling cues. The grille, the lights, the fenders. I think they knocked it out of the park, and with all the amenities with a new car I mean they just knocked it out of the park.

(Marc)>> No doubt. I mean when you look at this Bronco next to the original, which we couldn't not do, you can tell that they took that into consideration when they designed this as I hoped that they would, especially after a 25-year hiatus. Now we are gonna be modifying this Bronco. Maybe do a couple little things to make it look a little less stock because we're actually gonna be giving this thing away to one of you folks at home. So, you're gonna get a chance to win that here pretty soon.

(Brandon)>> But before we put a wrench on this truck let's load this one up for Mecum. [ engine rumbling ] [ MUSIC ]

(Marc)>> Well we made it here to Kissimmee, Florida, for Mecum Auctions. Our Seafoam Bronco's here safely as well. It looks amazing. Very excited to have it here. It's gonna cross the block tomorrow, which I have to admit does make me just a tad bit nervous.

(Brandon)>> I have a bunch of butterflies in my stomach, but since it's sitting here safe, waiting to go to the block, we have a few minutes. We're gonna go look around and see what else is here.

(Marc)>> Yeah, let's check this place out. [ MUSIC ] Mecum is the world's largest collector car auction, and every event brings in a lot of great vehicles, and this is exciting for us because the auction in Kissimmee, every year is their largest. This year bringing in over 3,500 cars and trucks. [ MUSIC ] Super old school with the triple roll bar chromed out, pin striping under the clear.

(Brandon)>> I like that. I grew up on these.

(Marc)>> See that's just an old truck to me.

(Brandon)>> This is perfection! [ MUSIC ] Walking around the auction you usually see a few similar vehicles, but they're always built with a unique taste and style. [ MUSIC ]

(Marc)>> First of its kind Fleetside truck. Set the trend for all the other manufacturers to step away from the step side beds and go to a full streamlined bed side.

(Brandon)>> Cool truck!

(Marc)>> I don't care what you say. It's tough to beat a nice clean dent side.

(Brandon)>> Check out this time capsule Yoda. Thornbirds it does have.

(Marc)>> This Blazer's got an LS swap, houndstooth interior, kind of an o-e look. Really nice black paint, which is always hard to pull off. It's got some modern wheels. I don't know if I would have picked those wheels.

(Brandon)>> I'm okay with it. It's on the border for me but I'm okay with it.

(Marc)>> It doesn't kill it, but personally I would have gone with a different wheel, but that's easy enough to change. Overall execution, beautiful truck. I'd be anxious to see what that thing brings.

(Brandon)>> If y'all don't know, I like camping and this Casa Grande, it's muy bueno. [ MUSIC ]

(Marc)>> This Bronco's a '74 like ours. $80,000 to $90,000.

(Brandon)>> Very clean! This is a restoration you know. Ours has got a lot more trinkets on it than this, but this is just as cool. I like the color. This is probably one of my favorite colors on this besides the Caribbean Turquois.

(Marc)>> Speaking of Caribbean Turquois, keeping our Bronco clean are the guys from Sonax USA.

(Rob)>> The Bronco, the paint on it is unlike anything we've ever seen before. It is extremely hard. We've five step sanded it. As you guys know, I think we've got about 250-man hours in it, and it wasn't easy, but I think it came out amazing. You guys have been great to work with. You guys called us to say hey, can you come in and help us with the shine of the paint, and the thing looks amazing, and we're just really excited to be a part of it. I think this is what really makes Sonax really rise to the top. As I mentioned, the paint is incredibly hard. Very difficult to work with. Something in our arsenal, we just kept working with different products, and we found the exact combination to make it look like it looks.

(Brandon)>> You know, we're not just truck guys. We love everything automotive. [ MUSIC ]

(Marc)>> And to cap off our first day here a quick look at some of the more prominent vehicles that will be crossing the block here in Kissimmee, including the iconic Ferrari F-40, and the one of a kind Hirohata Merc, which set the trend for custom cars when it was built by Barris in 1952.

(Brandon)>> Up next, it's auction time, and the excitement hits the roof!

(Brandon)>> You guys ready for it?

(Jamey)>> I can't wait to see this thing.

(Brandon)>> Hey Marc, guess who I brought.

(Jamey)>> This is like, when I saw it at the shop, we had all these parts just sitting on stands, sitting on shelves. I mean you saw the body, it was painted, but to see this completely put together it's totally amazing. I mean the work you guys did is unbelievable. I'm so excited.

(Brian)>> My impression is, I've never seen it, but the scale of it is bigger than what I was seeing on t-v. So, it's pretty awesome! As a company, our mission is to provide second chances. To restore hope, and that extends to families, that extends to communities. Everything about how this came together, and to be here today to see the outcome, and to be able to give those dollars to an organization like Warriors Heart. That's what they do. They're restoring hope to people, and families, and communities. The whole idea's a perfect fit for our purpose, and it's a real honor to be here, and I'm really pleased. It's a lot of fun anticipating and being around this.

(Brandon)>> So we stuffed a monster under the hood. [ MUSIC ]

(Jamey)>> That is unbelievable. Now what was the horsepower?

(Brandon)>> 786 I believe.

(Marc)>> 785, 786!

(Jamey)>> What's this material here?

(Brandon)>> It's aluminum. So, it was part of an intake for like a turbo setup, and we cut it up, and tig welded it because the throttle body was gonna hit the radiator and the hood. So, we had to kick it sideways, and the throttle body, the mass air flow wants a nice straight shot from the air cleaner to the throttle body. So that was our best solution.

(Jamey)>> I watched some of the episode and talked about the welding.

(Brandon)>> The spot welding? We didn't want to take away from the Bronco. If you make it too clean and too modern, then it's too custom. A Bronco is supposed to have exposed welds, and screws for the hardware exposed. I think that gives it its character.

(Marc)>> Obviously I mentioned all the powder coated components. We started with the aftermarket chassis. Had that powder coated. All these suspension components from James Duff, and that stuff's powder coated. You know we've Currie crate axles. All of those are brand new and powder coated. Okay, so you ready for this thing to cross the block?

(Brian)>> Yeah, let's do it.

(Brandon)>> It's getting close. It's literally right around the corner from going over to the block, and you get the butterflies now. ( )>> And the home of the brave! [ clapping ]

(Jamey)>> A little bit nervous, the heart's racing. It's a huge moment for Warriors Heart. This is the ending. It's the beginning though of what you guys have done, the heart that you guys have put into this, and for somebody that's gonna own this the meaning behind it of how many people they're gonna help. [ MUSIC ]

(Announcer)>> Here's L-128.1, a 1974 Ford Bronco. This vehicle has been donated by the seller with proceeds to benefit Warriors Heart Foundation. Built by Music City Trucks, sheet metal from Dennis Carpenter, Throttle Down custom chassis, suspension by James Duff, crate Currie axles. It features a 6-R-80 transmission, TMI interior, Vintage air, and it's offered today with the proceeds to benefit the charity at no reserve. [ Auctioneer chanting ]

(Marc)>> All of the little pieces that went into this all stack up. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts, right? So, this is the true moment where we're gonna find out exactly how much it is. They're asking for $80,000 right now, $85,000, $90,000, $95,000, it's going up. We broke $100,000, $105,000. [ Auctioneer chanting ]

(Marc)>> This is where it's gonna really get exciting. So, you've got some people that are players. You've got people that are players at the $100,000 to $110,000 range, and they fall off, and then other guys start picking it up, and that's where things start really get exciting.

(Brian)>> You're asking what we thought, and I'll tell you in five minutes.

(Marc)>> Now it's gonna start going up again. See how it stalled. Stalled at $130,000, jumps up a little bit. So, you just hope it keeps getting another run you know? I mean honestly at that number.

(Jamey)>> The number of people that that's gonna help right there, that number, it's amazing. It's gonna save lives. What you guys have done is saving lives.

(Marc)>> $135,000!

(Jamey)>> It was amazing. Thank you guys so much for everything you've done.

(Marc)>> It was our pleasure.

(Jamey)>> Brian, Seafoam, thank you for everything that you guys have done to make this happen. That was quick!

(Marc)>> Quick right, and just like that it's over! Well, all of our nerves are finally calm now. The Bronco has sold, and it's time for the most important moment for us, and that's gonna be the presentation of the check. I'll let you take it from here Brian.

(Brian)>> Alright, thank you Marc and Brandon. Awesome job! To Warriors Heart, Jamey, from everyone at Seafoam it is our joy to present this check for $135,000 dollars. Here you go buddy.

(Jamey)>> Guys I can't thank you enough. From Warriors Heart Foundation, from everyone, the soldiers, the first responders. You have no idea how many people that this is gonna help and what this means to us. I know you guys put your heart, and your soul, and everything into this build. Seafoam thank you guys so much for initiating this project, making this happen for us to get to this point. I mean it's absolutely amazing. This is gonna help so many people. Thank you guys so much!

(Brandon)>> It's our pleasure cause this is a dream build, and it's going to a great cause. So, all the blood, sweat, and tears that we put into it and everyone else's put into it, this is the least we could do.

(Marc)>> And if you want to donate to Warriors Heart Foundation you can go to Warriors Heart dot com and help out some veterans or first responders that are struggling.
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