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Parts Used In This Episode

Advance Adapters
The Atlas II from Advance Adapters offers a solid, one- piece case design and is manufactured from 356 T-6 heat treated aluminum alloy. 4.3:1 and twin stick shifters.
Affordable Fuel Injection
Flex Fuel E85/gas Throttle body injection complete kit.
ARB 4x4 Accessories
Air Lockers give you the traction you need, when you need it, all at the flick of a switch.
Dupli-Color Aerosol Truck Bed Coating, Dupli-Color Engine Enamel with Ceramic.
E3 Spark Plugs
DiamondFire spark plugs
IH Only North
Motor Mounts manufactured using Polyurethane and Nylon Bushings. Two-piece design makes them fully rebuildable.
IH Only North
Transmission Adapter for GM700R4 to IH Engine.
Napa Auto Parts
Labor to Press Pistons
NitroPlate is the ORIGINAL aluminum-ceramic coating.
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Alternator, Water Pump, Starter,
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Crankshaft Position Sensor
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Cylinder Head Dowels
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Exhaust Flange Gasket (2)
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Ford Red(2) , Cast Coat Aluminum
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Glaze Break Cylinder Hone
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Head Gaskets
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Main Engine Bearing Set
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Platigage (2)
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Pushrods (8)
Second Strike ignition box.