Parts Used In This Episode

A 4:1 LowMax Gearset, billet rotation plate, input gear, and a 32 spline input/output conversion... that's one heck of a transfer case!!
4 Wheel Parts
X Terrain tires.
Advance Adapters
By using the front half of a gear driven t-case, this Crawler Box gave a 4.0:1 gear ratio.
All-Pro Off-Road
3" Buggy Leaf Springs Front & Rear.
Hendrix Motorsports Tube Chassi
The only fab shop where you can get a Formula Toy Chassis.
Inchworm Gear Box
21 spline manual gear box and adapter plate hooking up to an automatic transmission allowing for a dual case set-up.
LC Engineering
A 120hp Stroker Stage II 22R engine, EFI intake and a throttle body all from the same specialty Toyota performance place.
Poly Performace
4340 Crome Molly Axle Shafts.
Walker Evans Wheels
Beadlocks that cast the bead ring directly into the wheel itself.
Jessi and Ian use the unlimited WyoTech facilities in Sacramento, CA to help 22+ of it's students build the Formula Toy rockcrawler.