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Episode Transcript

(Narrator)>> Sometimes you can have it all. This Challenger's got the upgrades it needs for impressive power, handling, and control on the track while still maintaining great street manners. Plus when a truck is more than just a truck you want to keep it running for good. On this week's Driveway Rescue we'll help Brandy take care of a family heirloom.

(Pat)>> Hey everyone, welcome to Engine Power. Today we have a cooler full of food, a grill, an r/v setup, and we're outside on a beautiful day, and you might be wondering why we're here. Well today is one of our favorite parts of our job where we actually get to test what we build, and Mike's gonna tell you all about it.

(Mike)>> We're out here at NCM, which is the National Corvette Museum road course in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We brought out our 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T to make some laps and make sure it's ready for one of you guys to win the Permatex Sweepstakes. Now all you've got to do is sign up and this car could be yours. [ tires squealing ]

(Pat)>> I guess we have a really nicely performing performance car. A/C, paddle shift, 480 at the tire, nice suspension, good brakes, and a complete amateur behind the wheel. [ engine revving ] [ tires squealing ]

(Pat)>> Man this thing I cannot believe. I can totally oversteer.

(Mike)>> That thing is rolling into the corner good.

Man how stable is it?

(Pat)>> I'll tell you what. We've had, remember that little import job we had?

(Mike)>> Yeah.

(Pat)>> This feels a lot like this only it weighs twice as much and has twice the amount of power.

(Mike)>> The FRS.

(Pat)>> Yeah. God this thing pulls. [ engine revving ]

(Pat)>> I hate to say it. I want one of these cars.

(Mike)>> There's nothing wrong with that. I mean the car speaks for itself for sure. Elevation change, roll down, nice, nice, nice.

(Pat)>> Oh my god.

(Mike)>> Good lord! I can't believe how well the tires work.

(Pat)>> I know!

(Mike)>> 60 mile an hour through there.

(Pat)>> Another thing, rotors and pads from EBC, look at that.

(Mike)>> Wow, very nice! [ tires squealing ]

(Pat)>> I'm always looking like something's coming. [ engine revving ]

(Pat)>> Oh my god. I'd get myself in so much trouble with this car. It's like a sport touring pro luxury for really smooth daily driver. You could really get this thing. Like what I'm doing right here. Look at that, it sticks so nice. You've really got to modulate the pedal. This thing has so much low end torque.

(Mike)>> And it comes in super-fast.

(Pat)>> Comes in super-fast yeah. I love the sound of the exhaust on this thing. I would have guessed it was gonna be louder. I mean it's loud outside the car but man inside the car.

(Mike)>> You're not getting a drone or anything. Resonation is not there. Magnaflow does a lot of research and development in their systems too. It's not just slap together pipe, put a muffler on it, and go.

(Pat)>> No there's a whole lot more science than people understand. They've been really good at that.

(Mike)>> Man I can tell you one thing. Whoever ends up with this car winning the sweepstakes, if they have one complaint?

(Pat)>> I don't know what it would be.

(Mike)>> I don't know what it would be either. [ engine revving ]

(Mike)>> Yes sir. [ tires squealing ]

(Mike)>> Nice!

(Pat)>> Enough of this tom foolery. You've got to get behind the wheel.

(Narrator)>> Now that Pat's got the tires warmed up we'll see what Mike can do behind the wheel.

[ tires squealing ]

(Mike)>> We're at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, testing out the Permatex Challenger. Pat's put some laps on this machine and now I've got a chance to see what this Dodge will do. I've got to say the tire and suspension combo feels great. This car is unreal. We're on a DOT approved street tire, General GMax RS, KW suspension. Since Pat drove I actually put a little more stiffness in the shocks itself, about three clicks. I am running with the paddle shifters on in manual mode. The KW Stage Two coil overs are awesome not only for handling but also for ride quality. The more heat you get in these tires the better they work. The more heat you get into these brakes they really, really start to grab. Now what it is, is it's the EBC GD Sport rotors with the yellow stuff race and street pad. It's basically the first pad in development that can be used on the track and on the street and not kill the rotors. It's a really good happy medium. The Procharger HO supercharger system gives you all the horsepower you need the instant you need it. The same goes for the torque. The moment you stab the throttle coming out of the corner you're up to speed in no time. Man this car has plenty of power too. Remember this is a five-seven car, not a six-four.

Anywhere you position the nose of this car it's steering into it, and with the IRS out back you can really, really use the throttle to control the car going in and out of the corners. [ tires squealing ]

(Mike)>> I could stay out here and do this all day. I actually had the a/c rolling. Car's staying pretty cool. Not losing any power with heat soak through this blower or the intercooler. I mean it's working perfect, absolutely perfect. What a car. This Challenger is a true all-around performance machine. Might as well leave the trailer at home because you can hammer on this thing at the track all day. Then drive home in comfort with the a/c pumping and the radio blasting.

When it comes to tools we trust and use exclusively the name is Matco. This is Matco Tools' Maximus Flash Plus. It's an easy to use diagnostics tool enabling flashing and reprogramming right at the shop. No more trips are needed to the dealership. Now it gives you o-e level flashing right at your fingertips that's as easy as plugging into the diagnostic port. It supports all 2008 and newer GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and Hondas. Now to get more information on the Maximus Flash Plus or pricing check out your local Matco distributor.

(Narrator)>> For Brandy's farm to run right her truck's got to run right. We'll help out in this week's Driveway Rescue.

(Mike)>> Some things just go together, like farms and old trucks. This Dodge has been in Brandy Scharbachs family for almost 35 years. So naturally she wants to keep it running strong.

(Brandy)>> It was my great uncle's and it's been on our farm for ever since it was bought new from the dealership, and he used it every day and he's just getting older, and so he passed it along to stay with the family and the farm. Oh it means everything to me to have this vehicle. He walked me down the aisle after my father passed away and he's been like a grandfather to me my whole life.

(Mike)>> Brandy told us her pickup needed some mechanical work. Specifically on the brakes and radiator but it was the story behind the truck that inspired us to head out to the farm and check it out. Hey, hey.

(Brandy)>> Hey how are you?

(Mike)>> Brandy?

(Brandy)>> Yes.

(Mike)>> Mike.

(Pat)>> Pat.

(Brandy)>> Hello, nice to meet you guys.

(Pat)>> I'll tell you coming out here this is absolutely gorgeous. How much land do you have here?

(Brandy)>> We have a little over 100 acres.

(Pat)>> Oh my god.

(Brandy)>> It's been in our family for a very, very long time.

(Pat)>> The truck I hear has been in the family a long time.

(Brandy)>> It has. It was my great uncle's. It really is a gem in my book. It needs a little love. We need to make sure it gets a little love along the way.

(Pat)>> I can already see some of the love it needs. There's a really nasty looking radiator sitting there.

(Brandy)>> Yes my husband needs a little bit of help. He got it out and we just need a little professional help. That's why we called you guys.

(Pat)>> Well unfortunately you can't get that but Mike and I are here.

(Mike)>> We stacked the van high with essential parts from Rock Auto dot com, along with several cosmetic upgrades too.

(Pat)>> Alright from the pictures that you sent us and the description of what you needed done we brought a table full of parts. Now the things we have to address. You said you had a cracked radiator. So we have a brand new radiator. We also had some brake problems I take it. So we tried to cover all our bases on brakes. Master cylinder front and back, hoses, all that, we brought fluid with us, and also to get this thing actually road legal I see you had some busted out taillights and one of them got busted out how?

(Brandy)>> It was actually rubbed against by a baby cow. So it dented it and broke it all in one fell swoop.

[ grinder buzzing ]

(Pat)>> In addition to the paper gasket on the water neck we're using Permatex Right Stuff 90 minute gasket maker. By the time we finish the job the gasket will be fully cured and ready for service.

(Mike)>> Now that we have a new thermostat and thermostat housing installed we went ahead and replaced the upper and lower radiator hoses as well.

(Pat)>> Brandy's husband Matt loves working on the family truck. So he offered to help too. To prevent break downs on the side of the road it's always a good idea to replace the accessory drive belts. Plus it's easier with the radiator removed.

(Mike)>> After cleaning the auxiliary transmission cooler it's installed on the new radiator, which is a lightweight aluminum model designed to outperform and outlast o-e-m style radiators. One of the nice things about Rock Auto dot com is they offer a broad selection of choices ranging from o-e-m replacement pieces to upgraded aftermarket parts.

(Pat)>> Installing the replacement taillight is a snap. Once the lamps are locked into position it screws back into the corner of the bed, and if Brandy can keep the truck away from belligerent bovines these should last forever.

(Mike)>> It's like a little aquarium.

(Pat)>> The water logged headlights are replaced by a set of o-e-m style halogen units, which easily drop into place. Since 1942 Sea Foam has been helping us keep our vehicles running great. Sea Foam spray is an exciting addition to that lineup. When directly sprayed into the carb throat or e-f-i throttle body it quickly goes to work cleaning and lubricating intake valves, throttle plates, bushings, and the upper cylinders. It's safe for both two and four cycle engines for reducing carbon composites in the combustion chambers and is especially beneficial to g-d-i engines. Another benefit is you can fog engines down before storing them to prevent internal corrosion. To check out all of their products go to Sea Foam sales dot com. If you are looking for an ultra-performance tire for your ultra-performance ride check out the General Tire GMax RS. They feature a directional tread design with smart grip technology to grip both dry and wet roads, stabili-tread tech to maximize the tire's foot print, and even a replacement tire monitor in the tread design to tell you when you need new rubber. They have a speed rating of "W", which is approved up to 168 miles per hour and also have a 360 tread wear rating. All in all these are a great upgrade for any high performance vehicle. To find your size go to General Tire dot com.

(Narrator)>> With new brakes and an interior refresh Brandy's Dodge is road ready.

(Mike)>> Welcome back. Everything's buttoned up in the engine bay and now we turn our attention to the brakes. This Dodge is four wheel drive and features automatic locking hubs up front. That's great in bad weather but it does add a little complexity to a basic brake job. After the hub is removed we'll replace the front rotors. To do this use an old lug nut screwed onto the wheel's stud. Then tap the studs out.

(Pat)>> When changing out the wheel studs to the new rotor we have to press them in. Well most people don't have a hydraulic press at their house. So here's a quick tip that I've done over the years. Place a washer onto the stud. Then grease up the other one. Put it on top of the first washer to create a bearing surface. Lube the stud's threads along with the lug nut. Then you can pull the stud into place using either an impact gun or a half inch ratchet. The greased washers will spin, which helps protect the threads from damage when the stud is being pulled in. This setup works similar to a balancer installer. Take your time and take it easy. You can still break a stud if you're not careful. [ drill spinning ]

(Mike)>> With new wheel bearings and seals installed the hub assembly goes back into place.

Next the caliper bracket is lubed with high end wheel bearing grease. This helps the caliper back and forth slightly as needed. The brake pads are premium quality and designed for towing.

The caliper is a single piston model that we picked up from Rock Auto dot com. The retaining tabs lock the caliper in place. [ drill spinning ]

(Pat)>> Power windows on a farm truck, no thanks. That said a new set of window cranks will improve the look and functionality of this Dodge.

(Brandy)>> And now we can test it.

(Pat)>> Perfect.

(Brandy)>> Yay!

(Pat)>> Every once in a while you get lucky. We didn't have any trouble loosening the old brake lines on the master cylinder, and with safety and performance in mind we're swapping it out for a brand new one. Conveniently Rock Auto dot com offers a full line of consumables like brake fluid, oil, and more.

(Mike)>> Open.

(Matt)>> Alright open.

(Mike)>> Close. The brakes are bled, and now the interior gets a refresh starting with a durable seat cover. It protects the original upholstery, which still looks fresh after all these years. It's quite comfortable and lucky for us Brandy and Matt both love the color. Much like the seat the dash is in great shape. To preserve it from the sun's harmful u/v rays this dash cover eliminates the source of discoloration and cracking.

(Pat)>> Finally a set of carpeted floor mats are a nice upgrade for these worn out rubber ones. They also restore some of the original color of the faded factory carpet.

(Brandy)>> Perfect.

(Pat)>> Now Brandy and Matt can take the family truck on a little test drive.

(Brandy)>> And all these little upgrades bring it back to life. It's like inspiration. I can't wait to Ba-Bob for a ride.

(Mike)>> With everything mechanically sound and some appreciated interior comforts to boot this truck is ready for the next 35 years. For more information about the parts and equipment used in today's episode visit Powernation TV dot com.

Today we're going to talk about thread lockers, which kind to use, and how to use it. Now a loose fastener on your vehicle can range from a minor annoyance to a potentially dangerous situation. That's why we try to use thread locker on every possible fastener we can on a vehicle. It's designed to keep the fastener from loosening up and backing out, and it's been sold in two variations for years, medium strength blue and high strength red.

(Paco)>> So blue thread locker you're gonna use on a lot of smaller bolts. Things that you need to get back apart pretty easily but you need to make sure that it stays together. Red thread locker is gonna be for applications, especially things like drivetrain components, suspension, and steering where you want to make sure that that's not going to come apart. The challenge with the red thread locker is the holding power is so hard on it that you have to use a lot of times power tools and you have to use heat to remove them.

(Mike)>> Permatex now manufactures orange thread locker, which combines the desirable properties of both red and blue thread locker.

(Paco)>> The orange thread locker really gives you that happy medium where you get the holding power of a red. It actually meets and exceeds ASTM standards for a red thread locker but it has the removability for hand tools like a blue thread locker.

(Mike)>> No matter which color of thread locker you use it's important to start with clean surfaces.

(Paco)>> So thread locker's gonna be effective as long as the bolt is clean. You want to make sure that you get any rust off of there, any corrosion off of there.

(Mike)>> If in doubt use surface prep on all mating surfaces this will activate the anaerobic compound in the thread locker. It's also important to use a sufficient amount of the product.

(Paco)>> You definitely want to make sure that you've got enough on there to evenly coat the threads cause you've got to remember when you put that bolt back in place and you put the nut on it the thread locker's actually gonna spread throughout the bolt.

(Mike)>> One last bit of advice. When using thread locker never touch the applicator's nozzle to any metal surface.

(Paco)>> Thread locker is actually an anaerobic compound. So actually the only way it cures is by having metal to metal application and the absence of air. So one of the things you want to be careful when you're putting thread locker onto a bolt is that you don't want to touch that nozzle to the actual metal application because that can actually trigger the curing process, and once you cap that back up, once you create a chemical reaction it can continue to cure and contaminate your thread locker.

(Mike)>> Permatex also offers blue and red thread locker in a gel formula. It features the same performance as the liquid variety without dripping or making a mess. It's ideal for vertical and hard to reach surfaces. There's even a purple low strength thread locker designed for light duty uses such as set screws and adjustment screws. It prevents fasteners up to a quarter inch from vibrating loose but also allows them to be removed easily.
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