The Stroker big block Chevrolet is already a solid, reliable, and powerful engine favored by gearheads everywhere. But what happens if you take two identical big block Chevrolet engines and link them together on the dyno? Engine Power has never been bashful when it comes to tackling ambitious projects, especially when it has never been done before in the history of automotive culture!

The theory is that two identical engines putting out the same amount of power will double those numbers if they run together. Since this has never physically been done before, the only way to verify this is to test it on the dyno.

The parts required to link the two engines don’t physically exist, so the guys took it upon themselves to build them. This technical challenge is what made the project so exciting to Pat and Frankie.

Both engines were built from the ground up to be identical using parts from Summit Racing: upgraded L19 pistons from Icon, Total Seal piston rings, King Racing high-performance bearings, Eagle Specialty Products 4.250” stroke forged crankshaft, a Howards camshaft kit, double-row timing set by Billet Gears, ATI super dampers, and a pro pack oil pan & pump kit by Summit Racing. The camshafts have a 230°/242° of duration with a .050″ lift.

What was the final result? 1,162 horsepower and 1,212 pound-feet of torque, which is in the acceptable range to validate our theory of doubling the numbers on two identical engines. Overall this was one of our favorite and exciting projects ever done at Engine Power. Now the only question that remains is: how are we going to top this?