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Parts Used In This Episode

Spark Plug Wires, Extreme 9000 Ceramic, Spiral Core, 8mm, Black, 180 Degree Boots, Chevy, GMC, 454, Set
American Powertrain Systems
Pistol Grip Shifter Handle with Carbon Fiber Style Grip
American Powertrain Systems
QUICKTIME, Bellhousing, Quick Time, SFI Approved, Chrysler, Big Block, to Mopar T-56 Transmission, Kit
American Powertrain Systems
Science Friction - Atomic Twin dual disc clutch system, V8, Up to 1095ft-lbs of rear wheel torque.
American Powertrain Systems
Throwout Bearing Conversion, Hydraulic, Hydramax, GM, TKO/Muncie/Saginaw/Richmond/Lenco, Kit
American Powertrain Systems
Throwout Bearing Conversion, Hydraulic, Hydramax, Mopar, TKO/Magnum/A-833, 26-Spline Input Shaft, Ki
American Powertrain Systems
Tremec, Transmission, Manual, T-56, 1 1/8 in. 26-Spline, GM/Mopar Magnum 6-Speed, Viper/LS 6-Speed
American Powertrain Systems
White Lightning Shifter Mechanism, Magnum, independent adjustable spring bias for improved centering
Classic Industries
MM1261 - 1971-74 DODGE Challenger Restores Choice Trunk Floor Pan
Wax and Tar Remover, 11 oz., Each
Indy Cylinder Head
Aluminum 451 low deck hemi w/ indy 426-s/r aluminum hemi heads, eagle rotating assembly w/ diamond pistons, mod man intake for b-block/low deck, indy cast valve covers, indy roller rockers 1.6 x 1.55, comp hydraulic flat tappet cam, milodon road race pan with external pickup.
426 Chrysler Hemi (LB) Engine Replica, With Valve Covers
Schwartz Performance
G-Machine Chassis, 70-74 CUDA/CHALLENGER, Grey Metallic Powder Coat Finish, RideTech coilovers, Moser full-floating 9" style housing, with 31-spline axles, Detroit TrueTrac differential, 14" cross-drilled, Baer 6P Calipers, with Old-school Hemi Motor Mounts Installed
Summit Racing
Clutch Cable, with Aluminum Quadrant, Adjustable, Ford, Mercury, 5.0L, Kit
The Industrial Depot
The Industrial Depot - Fasteners, Hardware and Shop Supplies