Detroit Muscle takes a trip back to the 80s with a clean 1985 Buick Regal and transformed it into a fan favorite known as the “Street Regal.” The Grand National Tribute project started out as a friendly competition between Marc and Tommy to find out who could build the best eighties ladies. It slowly turned into an old fashioned competitive build-off.

The Buick needed some help to move away from being a Grandma car. The first step was developing a new street rod chassis for the G-Body, which took quite a bit of work to achieve but made it the unique piece of art it is today. 

They followed this up with a 525-horsepower Connect and Cruise engine & transmission, new intake, and fuel injection system. The car was painted with Summit “On Fire” metallic paint for that unique look. Looks can be deceiving though, and this classy car can blend in on the road, but it’s also one nasty customer on the track.

Buick Street Regal 360 View

Buick Street Regal Pictures