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Parts Used In This Episode

Chevrolet Performance
Ram Jet 350 with EFI, 350hp, and 400ft-lb.
Detroit Locker
Lockers that are easy to install due to no air compressors/lines or electrical.
Marlin Crawler
4" Multi-Leaf Spring kit and an 86-95 Solid Axle Swap Lift Kit including brackets, bump stops, u-bolts, flex brake lines, swing shackles, high steer kit, wheel spacers, shock hoops, and 4 Bilstein Shocks.
Poly Performace
4340 tapered and polished Axle Shafts, and upgraded Birfield Joints that have a redesigned cage to make them 30% stronger at full lock.
PSC Motorsports
Ram Assist Steering Kit with a tapped steering box and a 6" hydraulic ram.