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Xtreme 4x4 Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

4X4 Bodies
Urban Gorilla Body Kit. <br> 1 piece steel hard top kit with fiberglass panels.
Cherry Bomb
3 1/2" Metal Cat.
Black Fuel Pump - delivers 10psi.
Hot Rod Air
Elite Fresh Air System - Heat/AC.
LMC Truck
New Body Isolators
Mickey Thompson
38x15.5 MTZ tires and 20" Classic II wheels.
A clear coat system that is said to be more durable than standard clear coats.
Off Road Design
Triple Stick Shifter to control their doubler set up.
Powder Coating Booth.
Power Tank
Monster Valves and CO2 air tank system.
Powertrain Control Solutions
Stand alone transmission computer controller
Rhino Linings Corporation
Rhino Lining - a durable rubberized sealant/bedliner that protects from rust and is chemical and abrasion resistant.
Staun Products
Internal beadlock - DOT approved and competition tested.
Vanco Power Brake Service
Hydro brake boosts where pressure from the power steering pump is used to assist in pedal pressure.
West Texas Off-Road
2wd steering box with crossover steering.
Xotic Colours
Sealer and Grey Top Coat Paint.