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Episode Transcript

(Marc)>> You're watching Powernation!

(Marc)>> Today on Music City Trucks we're taking our JK Jeep to a whole new level.

(Brandon)>> We're upgrading brakes and fixing oil leaks.

(Marc)>> We're adding skid plates throughout the underside.

(Brandon)>> Then it's new bumpers, a winch, steps, lights, seat covers.

(Marc)>> And then we see what she can really do. [ Music ] [ engine revving ] [ Music ]

(Brandon)>> Welcome to Music City Trucks. We're back here in the shop with our '07 Jeep JK build that we're upgrading with Parts from Summit Racing.

(Marc)>> Now last time we took this thing wheeling in stock form, and I've got to say I'm pretty impressed with how it performed but there was definitely some room for improvement. We went ahead and installed a two and a half inch suspension lift, and we test fit our 35-inch tires. Now today we're gonna be installing some upgrades and doing some repairs. The first thing we're gonna do is tear into this rear axle.

(Brandon)>> Here you go!

(Marc)>> Thank you! We'll start by removing the diff cover and draining the fluid.

(Brandon)>> That's a pretty decent color.

(Marc)>> We'll we've got to pull the brakes apart here so we can get the axle shaft out. [ drill humming ]

(Marc)>> Caliper comes off first, followed by the pads. Yeah, they're shot! [ ratchet clicking ]

(Marc)>> Then the caliper bracket and the rotor. It's dry, that's a good sign. That means we don't have to put an axle seal in it. That's refreshing. The parking brake shoe still has some meat on it, and just a little dusty. Little bit of dirt and mud in there. That can be cleaned. Sweet! [ Music ] The wheel speed sensor can be removed to get to the axle retainer nuts. That's one nice thing about this particular axle, no C-clips. There she goes. [ Music ] Looks really good. Obviously, the axle had been serviced before. The fluid looks really clean. Hard to tell what they did other than change the fluid. [ aerosol can hissing ]

(Marc)>> There's a lot of different ways to scrape this gasket off of here. I like using a razor blade. With the parking brake shoe and the backing plate clean we'll move on to replacing those wheel studs. The old arbor press does the trick, and it also prevents from bending the axle flange during installation of the new studs, though it does take a little bit of elbow grease. [ Music ] Well, we've got to bolt it back in, put the diff cover on it, and fill it up, and then we can do the brakes. [ ratchet clicking ]

(Marc)>> And since this diff cover doesn't get a gasket a little bit of black r-t-v will seal her up. Then we move on to the brakes. [ Music ] We're going with EBC's Stage 20 pad and rotor kit. It comes with RK rotors, which are Geomet coated to prevent rust. For pads the kit comes with EBC's high efficiency Ulti-Max 2 pads, which are built with aramid fiber and are chamfered and coated with EBC's break in compound. This kit will provide o-e-m braking ability but with the quality that EBC is known for.

(Brandon)>> Up next, I tackle this pesky oil leak for starters.

(Brandon)>> While Marc's finishing up the rear, I'm gonna go ahead and start on this oil leak. The first thing I need to do is drain the oil. [ Music ] Let that drain. Now y'all already know I like my hand tools. This is probably one of the best extensions I've ever used. It's this spring loaded 3/8ths extension. Not only does it wobble with the U-joint, but it actually stays where you want it to go while being able to get around stuff, and this is really nice to work with. You can see it operates a pretty good angle. Matco Tools' spring loaded universal joint makes it much easier to handle and place sockets on fasteners while preventing the joint from becoming loose. This set includes a six-inch, eight inch, and 12 inch long extension for accessing those hard to reach fasteners. [ metal tapping ]

(Brandon)>> There we go. It's actually fairly clean inside. Let me get that oil pan back over here. Now on a lot of later model engines they actually have two oil pans, a lower and an upper. Now the lower is just glued on with an r-t-v based sealant, but the upper actually has a gasket, and that's where I think the oil leak is coming from. So, we've got to go ahead and take off that upper oil pan. [ Music ] To get to the upper oil pan you need to take the structural cover off the bell housing. [ Music ] See all that oil built up? It is not supposed to be right there. [ ratchet clicking ]

(Brandon)>> Now that the cover's off we'll remove the upper pan and scrape off any old debris that might be still on the block. [ Music ] And since the new gasket comes with an oil pump pick up O-ring we'll go ahead and replace that while we're in here. [ Music ] Next, we'll add a little black r-t-v to any joints that the pan intersects. The gasket kit comes with these little pedestals that act like a third hand while re-installing the bolts. Look at that! I like to put witness marks on any bolts that I've already tightened so I don't lose track. Again, black r-t-v for the lower oil pan, and we done! [ Music ] Next, we're moving on to the front brakes. [ Music ] So, if you're doing a brake job at the house and you don't have a caliper piston compression tool here's a little way to get around that. You take your old brake pad, put it against the piston, and then take a C-clamp. Then you're gonna run that in, make sure you're not pinching the lines or anything. You're gonna see that piston get pushed back into the caliper. This doesn't take a lot of force. So don't force it, literally. Then the piston's gonna stop. Take your clamp off, throw your old brake pad out. Voila! [ Music ] Now that we done with all the maintenance chores on this Jeep it's time to move underneath and start installing the skid plates to protect that gas tank and transfer case. Thanks Scott! [ Music ] [ drill humming ]

(Brandon)>> This skid plate bolts to the factory holes in the front, and then you have to drill out the side holes into the gas tank brackets. [ Music ] Now there's two layers on this. Make sure you only drill through the first layer or you'll be buying a new gas tank. [ drill humming ]

(Brandon)>> I'm gonna say these things are beefy. [ drill humming ]

(Brandon)>> Well that's gonna do it for all our maintenance and upgrades for underneath this Jeep. We got our skid plates, oil leaks fixed, Marc fixed the rear axle, we got our new brakes on it, lift. So now it's time to lower it back down, go back up top, and make this thing look more like a Jeep should look.

(Marc)>> Up next, we add some sweet new mods to our JK Jeep.

(Brandon)>> Well now that we're done with all the maintenance and all of the suspension upgrades underneath this Jeep it's time to move on to trail armor, and that's gonna start with this front bumper.

(Marc)>> Now before we get that new bumper bolted on, we've got to get the factory one out of the way first and seeing how the bolts and studs here are a little rusty we're gonna use a little bit of this Sea Foam Deep Creep. Help break up that rust so the bolts come off a little easier. [ drill humming ]

(Marc)>> With the factory front bumper out of the way we'll remove this filler panel. Done! [ Music ]

(Brandon)>> As we said earlier, we got all these parts for this build from Summit Racing, including this beefy Rampage front bumper. [ drill humming ]

(Marc)>> We'll dress it up with some new fog lights.

(Brandon)>> And my favorite, a 12,000-pound winch. [ Music ] This bumper already comes with winch and fairlead mounting holes built in, which makes install pretty simple. [ Music ] Wire this thing up. This Summit winch comes with everything you need to get it installed and working, right down to the wiring. [ ratchet clicking ]

(Brandon)>> Next, we'll throw on some shackles for some recovery, just in case! [ Music ] [ drill humming ]

(Marc)>> Wow, send it your way. They look heavy!

(Brandon)>> They're kinda heavy.

(Marc)>> Next, we'll upgrade to these Trail Crawler rock sliders. These are a must. Not bad! You're gonna have to wait.

(Brandon)>> Then of course the rear bumper. A little Deep Creep and we'll replace the hitch with the new one that comes with the rear bumper. [ Music ]

(Marc)>> Heavy?

(Brandon)>> It's got some gravity to it that's for sure.

(Marc)>> Let me check that. [ Music ]

(Brandon)>> Look at that!

(Marc)>> It's on there.

(Brandon)>> Well there's a couple of other things we're gonna be doing to our Jeep, and one of those is installing a light bar. It's pretty simple. All you've got to do is bolt these brackets in and wire it up. [ drill hummingn ]

(Marc)>> Ready for this?

(Brandon)>> Doing stuff like this kinda brightens my day. [ Music ] You like that?

(Marc)>> Yeah, that looks great!

(Brandon)>> We've got lights! Well, that Summit light bar came with this pretty simple harness. All you've got to do is plug it into the battery and plug this into the light.

(Marc)>> Let there be light. Well, the only place we haven't addressed on our Jeep is the interior. So, we're gonna do one last thing here, and that's gonna be to install all these seat covers that we got from CoverCraft. Now these are their Seat Saver line and they've got them in this camo. We had to go with the camo because obvious reasons. One, it's a Jeep, and then also it's green. So, camo was just an obvious choice. What's great about these is they're easy to install and remove. They're gonna protect your seats really well, and then when you do need to wash them they're easy to remove, and you can just wash them in your washer and dryer at home, and then put them back on for next time. Well, it's time to stick a spork in our old Jeep here cause this baby is done. It's time to hit the dusty trail.

(Brandon)>> We're going to our hometown off road park, Wooley's Off Road, and actually it's raining. So, it's gonna be muddy, not dusty.

(Marc)>> That'll make it interesting.

(Brandon)>> I'll get the door.

(Brandon)>> Up next, we're gonna get our upgraded Jeep muddy.

(Marc)>> Well we're here at Wooley's Off Road. Our local off-road park here in southern Middle Tennessee. We've got or Jeep out here. We're gonna see what it can do with all those sweet mods we just did.

(Brandon)>> And since you've never been here, I figure I could run spotter and you have all the fun.

(Marc)>> You want me to drive?

(Brandon)>> Yeah! So, this is the first rock garden, and I'll just walk up a little bit and guide you around these rocks. Put it in four low.

(Marc)>> It's in low. [ Music ]

(Brandon)>> Just keep coming straight, turn, driver. Alright, straighten up. Just keep it straight, slight passenger. Got it! [ Music ] Alright straighten up, straighten up, hold on. Bump it! Just keep it straight. [ engine revving ]

(Brandon)>> Bump it, bump it, you got it. Just get over that rock. Right there! Alright come up, slight passenger. Alright keep coming, keep coming, driver, driver, driver. Alright hold on. This is the fun part.

(Marc)>> That's pretty fun! [ engine revving ]

(Brandon)>> Hold on! [ air hissing ]

(Brandon)>> Back up a little bit and put the outside of this tire close to this lip right here, not on it. A little more, little more, right there, got it! [ Music ] Woo!

(Marc)>> Well it made it up the first obstacle, which I would say is pretty comparable to the worst stuff we saw in Georgia, with this thing in stock form.

(Brandon)>> And it really didn't struggle at all. We just lowered the air pressure a little bit and it grabbed.

(Marc)>> It struggled a little.

(Brandon)>> Not as much as it did in Georgia.

(Marc)>> Let's take it a little further and see what we can find.

(Brandon)>> Do something a little harder? Let's try!

(Marc)>> Look at that! [ Music ]

(Brandon)>> This ain't too difficult.

(Marc)>> It's actually more steep than it looks from the bottom. [ Music ]

(Brandon)>> It'll make it!

(Marc)>> So I've got to cross the rut right here?

(Brandon)>> Yeah, you're gonna dip in it. Oh, yeah, you're gonna come down in it.

(Marc)>> Okay.

(Brandon)>> Well we're here. You want me to get out and spot you?

(Marc)>> Yeah! Let me know what it looks like.

(Brandon)>> It's two wheeling.

(Marc)>> It's supposed to be four wheeling.

(Brandon)>> Back up a little bit and try it. Cut it driver!

(Marc)>> Come back further?

(Brandon)>> No, don't go back anymore. Cut it driver. Now try that, hard driver. [ engine revving ]

(Brandon)>> Woo!

(Marc)>> No winch needed. That was less scary than I expected it to be. Well, that was exciting! Careful, keep both hands inside the vehicle at all times. [ engine revving ]

(Brandon)>> Yeah, now you're wheeling! Hit this thing! [ Music ]

(Marc)>> No problem, dude!

(Brandon)>> We need to go find more mud.

(Marc)>> Always, flip a u-ey right here?

(Brandon)>> Flip a u-ey and we'll go on the other side. I know where there's some mud. Go get dirty, you know? [ Music ]

(Marc)>> Here we go!

(Brandon)>> I'd start in second and bang third. [ Music ] Well, that didn't go as planned at all.

(Marc)>> That was deeper than I thought.

(Brandon)>> Yeah, we're stuck! That's deep! [ Music ]

(Marc)>> I guess he's not worried about getting his boots muddy.

(Brandon)>> This is not how I remember this hole. [ Music ] Good thing I brought my workin' pants. I finally get to use the winch. As you guys know, we got everything from Summit Racing on this build, and they also provided us with recovery gear. [ Music ] Alright we're about to pull the Jeep out. Hopefully, this winch will get this thing out of here. Slowly just give it some gas and then just winch in. Zigzag the wheel! [ engine revving ]

(Brandon)>> Alright hold on. One thing when you're winching is you want to do about 15 seconds winching in and about 30 seconds cool down so you don't burn up the winch. [ engine revving ]

(Brandon)>> Alright, slow down. Hold on. [ Music ]

(Marc)>> Brandon made it sound like we were just gonna cruise right through there, and go up the hill, and turn around, and come back through, and as soon as we went in there it was like down to the axles. I didn't have to get out and walk through the mud though. [ engine rumbling ]

(Marc)>> Well Brandon there you go again making me look like I didn't do any work, but I appreciate you doing the dirty part.

(Brandon)>> Sometimes you've got to get your hands dirty.

(Marc)>> And we built a well capable Jeep, and what it's not capable of doing it can get itself out of.

(Brandon)>> Yeah, we didn't put lockers in it. So, the winch is kind of a must. There's gonna be some things you can't do without lockers, but the winch is like a secondary backup.

(Marc)>> And short of sinking the axles in the mud this Jeep can pretty much do anything we throw at it out here.

(Brandon)>> This has been the most fun I've had in quite a while. I would say let's go home and clean up but it's really just me who's gonna go home and clean up.

(Marc)>> I'm just gonna go home!
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