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Parts Used In This Episode

American Powertrain Systems
1983-92 Mustang 5-Speed Kit
American Powertrain Systems
1983-92 Mustang 6-Speed Kit
American Powertrain Systems
Bellhousing Ford 6 Speed Transmission
American Powertrain Systems
Bellhousings 4 and 5 Speed Ford Transmissions
American Powertrain Systems
Tremec Cobra spec T5 5-Speed
American Powertrain Systems
Tremec MAGNUM 6-Speed for Ford, 26-spline input
American Powertrain Systems
Tremec TKO600SS 5-Speed for Ford, 26-spline input
The world leader in fastener technology
Ultra Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricants
CRC Industries
CRC Brake Cleaner
E3 Spark Plugs
Serious automotive firepower starts with a spark. E3 Spark Plugs can help you create a fire-breathing street or strip beast with its line of spark plugs featuring E3’s advanced DiamondFire electrode design.
Lincoln Electric
Official Welding Supplier of Detroit Muscle
Street Series Performance Exhaust Systems
Matco Tools
Matco is the Official Tool Supplier to Detroit Muscle
Thread Locking Compounds
The Industrial Depot
Tools, Hardware, And Shop Supplies