Detroit Muscle Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

Destroy rust on contact with Dupli-Color Rust Fix. It sprays on clear and turns into a black metal-protecting coating to fight future rust from forming.
This Dupli-Color Weld-Through Cold Galvanized Primer is designed to provide maximum corrosion resistance. It features a durable zinc coating that can be applied directly to dry metal or galvanized surfaces.
Kimberly-Clark Professional
When you’re ready to make your glass – from mirrors and chrome to electronics and windshields – really shine, Scott glass towels are the right glass cleaning product for the job. These Scott towels are sized and packaged to fit easily on work benches and tool carts, making them an easy and essential part of your workshop.
Lincoln Electric
Lincoln Electric is the Official Welding Supplier to Detroit Muscle
Matco Tools
Matco is the Official Tool Supplier to Detroit Muscle