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Episode Transcript

(Jeremy)>> You're watching Powernation.

(Jeremy)>> Today on Carcass... we finally finish up our C1500. Freshening up the interior with new carpet and a set of racing seats.

(Jimmy)>> Then we head down to Engine Power to see what kind of horsepower we can lay down on the dyno.

(Jeremy)>> Plus... we head out on the open road, taking our pro touring pickup to an event for those who love GM trucks. ♪ ♪ [tires squealing] ♪ ♪

(Jimmy)>> What's up everybody? Welcome back to Carcass. We are on the home stretch of our o-b-s Chevy truck. The rear suspension and everything is dialed in. Engine and transmission are in it and working properly and now were on to the last piece of this puzzle, which is the interior.

(Jeremy)>> Last time you guys saw this truck we gave it a fresh paint job, but the inside got a little dirty. So, we just spruced it up then. Well, now we're going to dive back in here and replace the carpet and the seats. Plus, we're going to strap this thing down to the dyno, see what kind of horsepower it puts out and at the end, we're going to take it to a special event that's kind wrapped around these 2-wheel drive Chevy trucks. So what do you say we dive inside?

(Jimmy)>> Yeah let's take it apart. ♪ ♪ [drill humming]

(Jeremy)>> Ready? Try it. She's heavy. Whoa! Let me get around the seatbelt here. Still doing all right?

(Jimmy)>> Yep!

(Jeremy)>> These cabs aren't very big though. ♪ ♪ [drill humming]

(Jimmy)>> With the seats removed, we'll start taking out the interior trim pieces and the seatbelts, so we can get rid of the carpet. [drill humming] ♪ ♪

(Jeremy)>> Seriously? This one won't come out.

(Jimmy)>> Do it the right way then.

(Jeremy)>> There it goes. Jeepers! ♪ ♪ From under the pedals. Take it my way. This is terrible. I guess that's coming with it too. ♪ ♪

(Jimmy)>> Before we put the carpet is this truck, I've got this patch panel for the transmission tunnel made. We could've just as easily patched the original hole for the original shifter but we wanted a little bit cleaner install, so I opened the hole up and made this patch panel for it. We just have to weld it in. Something to note here, is if you're using this transmission, you have several different options for shifter location. This shifter that's on it now, we can flip it 180 degrees to bring the shifter farther back or you can go to American Powertrain and get one of these more mid mount style shifters, take this plate off, put the shifter on it and it will move it farther forward. In our case, this configuration is going to work out, so, just got to get this plate on and wrap it up. [welder crackling] I drilled some holes in the panel and we'll just rosette weld it to the floor. [welder crackling] I painted the bottom of the panel with primer before welding, and once it's in place, I'll coat the top. ♪ ♪

(Jeremy)>> Ok. Now that Jimmy has the patch panel in the truck, we'll go ahead and put our carpet in, that we got from Rock Auto. Now, we're just going to set this into position for now. We're not going to mount it completely or trim it. We're going to end up just getting it to fit and then we'll come back and get our seat brackets in here and then I'll do a final fit then. ♪ ♪ This is molded carpet, designed to fit our truck. All you have to do is give it a little bit of love and push it into the corners. ♪ ♪ So, the seat bracket for our original seats, should work. We did a couple of mods to um. So, we'll get this in here. Got to find the mounting holes. Pop some holes in the carpet and then we'll get this thing mounted. ♪ ♪ Just like with our Honda, we'll heat up a piece of pipe with a torch and put a nice clean hole in the carpet for our mounting locations. Then, we'll install our hardware. Perfect! ♪ ♪ And finally, we'll trim the carpet to fit. ♪ ♪

(Jimmy)>> Now that Jeremy's got the carpet all trimmed up and in here, we can install the seats. These are pro car seats that we got from Speedway Motors and these are going to be perfect, because they're an adjustable bucket seat. And these will hold us in when we're on an autocross track.

(Jeremy)>> With Jimmy installing the seats in the truck, it's almost buttoned up and we're almost ready to hit the dyno, but we're going to take care of one last thing before we head down there. And that's replace all of our weather stripping. Now we got all of these products from Steele Rubber Products, and it was pretty simple to find. We just went on their web site, plugged in the year, make, model of the truck and we came up with all of our gaskets. We got stuff like their door seals. Now this is made of 100 percent e-p-d-m sponge rubber. It's made to last and it will not fade, shrink or crack. We got their door window kit. It's got their run channels and their window felts. And we even have the little bumpers that go underneath the hood. Now, they've got a bunch of stuff for your cars and your trucks and even have a universal section, where you can look at cross cutouts of seals and gaskets for you guys doing custom work. Well, we're going to get all this installed, then we're going to go strap that truck down to the dyno and see what kind of numbers we can put to the rear wheels.

(Jimmy)>> Coming up... we strap our o-b-s to the dyno to see how much power the 406 cubic inch ls makes. [engine revving]

(Jimmy)>> What's up everybody? Welcome back to Carcass. We've got our o-b-s Chevy down here in Engine Power strapped to the chassis dyno and we're ready to post some numbers to see what it can do.

(Pat)>> It look great! I'm going to give you that right now.

(Frankie)>> The color choices are on point. I'm really digging like the dark brown and the gold. I like how the engine matches. That's amazing.

(Jimmy)>> You guys inspired us with the engine, so this is what we got.

(Pat)>> Now, do you remember what it made before all the mods?

(Jeremy)>> When we found out it was a 305 and not a 350, 170 horsepower I think.

(Pat)>> If it starts with an uno, that's a bad thing. I think we're going to better that that.

(Frankie)>> I'm almost positive we're going to do better than that.

(Pat)>> Alright! The talk is done. Why don't you get in there and light it.

(Jeremy)>> But! I'm going to throw you guys a little curve ball here. You guys run your engine dyno all the time. How often do you guys get to sit in a car or truck and run your chassis dyno?

(Pat)>> Never!

(Jeremy)>> Instead of Jimmy and I driving or sitting here, why don't one of you two jump in the hot seat and take it for a spin?

(Pat)>> It's all you my man.

(Frankie)>> You don't want a tag at it?

(Pat)>> Nope! Because when you nuke it, then they can't take it there and I don't want to feel bad about it.

(Frankie)>> Why is that always a theme when I run things?

(Pat)>> Make sure you check the oil level and the tires, just to cover yourself. ♪ ♪

(Frankie)>> This is nice! That is nice.

(Pat)>> You look good in there.

(Frankie)>> I feel like it should be mine. You guys just want to leave it here?

(Jeremy)>> No!

(Pat)> Good luck!

(Jimmy)>> Let the big dog eat. [engine starting]

(Jeremy)>> I'm excited to be standing out here and get to watch this.

(Pat)>> I can't believe that one of you guys didn't want to drive it.

(Jeremy)>> Oh! Well, we'll drive it. [engine revving] Man! It sounds good. [engine revving]

(Pat)>> Alright! First hit, 82, 482. That's about right. 426 pound feet. Dude! That's mean!

(Frankie)>> That's pretty decent at the tire.

(Pat)>> This thing has no temp in the driveline.

(Frankie)>> Everything's still cold.

(Pat)>> Go ahead and just make another one right where you're at.

(Jeremy)>> What did you run up to then Frankie, r-p-m wise?

(Frankie)>> Right about 7.

(Jimmy)>> That's just a screamer man. That's awesome.

(Frankie)>> It gets it. It's mean. Ready? [engine revving]

(Pat)>> Exact same thing, 482. You want to go for the trifecta?

(Frankie)>> Might as well. We are here. Honestly! This thing, I mean it's on the dyno, but it's like super smooth, gets right in it. It's really nice.

(Pat)>> For 93 octane pump gas, that's outstanding.

(Frankie)>> I bet this thing is bent happy on the street.

(Pat)>> Make one more.

(Frankie)>> Go for three.

(Pat)>> I want to hear it again is why. [engine revving]

(Pat)>> Alright! It made 78, now it's starting to get warm, it's going to start going up and then dropping off on power.

(Jeremy)>> Dude! It's right in there though.

(Pat)>> Shut her down. That's what it should make on the dyno. We weren't turning an a-c compressor and all that good stuff either.

(Frankie)>> That's full net wheel horsepower and that's still... that's nice.

(Pat)>> This thing's as smooth as glass. Not that we didn't expect it to be but when something goes from a dyno, you know we have a pretty controlled condition, you stick it in a vehicle, you have a whole other different set of things you have to worry about. From the accessory drive to the actual driveline itself and man I don't know... I'm very impressed.

(Frankie)>> When you guys get done with this, we'd probably take it for a ride.

(Pat)>>It's funny cause we rarely get to dyno, we rarely get to drive them either. Maybe we'll take this one for a peel one of these days. You guys are going to have some fun with it.

(Frankie)>> Yeah! It will scoot.

(Jeremy)>> We had a lot of fun building the truck, like we put the whole thing together. And obviously like, you guys put the engine together. You ran it with its fuel injection system that's on it. You delivered us something that... in theory was turnkey ready. We didn't to have to do anything to it. We hooked everything up. We turn the key and it runs and that for us is huge. So, we don't have to worry about that kind of stuff. Getting the number now, that's just like money in the bank.

(Pat)>> The things that should happen, did happen. Now if this thing would've made 410, we've had serious problems. It's a tune up problem. You know something's falling out of it. From where the transmission is... we know about where driveline loss should be for what this is. We're right on target. Guys! Congratulations! That is a job well done.

(Jimmy)>> Yeah thank you! Thanks for the engine too.

(Jeremy)>> Should we get it unstrapped?

(Jimmy)>> Let's go drive it.

(Jeremy)>> Let's go actually put it on the road now.

(Frankie)>> I don't want to get out.

(Jeremy)>> You got to get out. You got to help us unstrap. Come on!

(Pat)>> These guys got work to do. Get out of there.

(Jeremy)>> We take our chevy out for a cruise and end up at a party for GM trucks.

[engine revving]

(Jeremy)>> Alright! So, here's the deal. We obviously put the truck together. We've got it out on the open road. We laid down what? 485 horse? On the dyno, we got 585 this motor. I think the truck's going to do really well when we go out and have a little bit of fun here.

(Jimmy)>> Yeah! It should rip. 335 Continental tires all the way around, which a... I don't know if there will be another o-b-s out there like this one. Ridetech suspension in the front, we got their coil overs in the back with our own custom setup. And just test and tune it. See what it can do.

(Jeremy)>> The fact that we're cruising down the highway, doing 70, 75 miles per hour. We've got 6 speeds of awesomeness really. The truck runs out, pretty much like a stock o-b-s but has a ton of power. And even handles quite a bit better.

(Jimmy)>> And it's really comfortable.

(Jeremy)>> Yeah! It's quite comfortable. It's quiet inside here. It's not this droney stuff. You know this is really an all-around build like... the pro touring movement, this is what this truck is about.

(Jimmy)>> That's exactly right. So, C-10 Nationals is the big test?

(Jeremy)>> Yeah! That's right here down the road.

(Jimmy)>> Nashville Superspeedway. Yeah, that's going to be fun. A little show, a little go.

(Jeremy)>> Drop a gear, then let's go. [engine revving] This thing hauls.

(Jimmy)>> It does. ♪ ♪ The C-10 Nationals started in Texas back in 2017, when the founders, who shared an enthusiasm for trucks, saw a shift in the automotive world and wanted to help fill a need for those like-minded enthusiasts. [tires squealing]

(Christopher)>> Trucks are the new hot rod. So, trucks are hot. Trucks are where it's at. It's where what built people around certain vendors their interested in. That's why we started the C-10 Nationals.

(Jeremy)>> Now, they could've started an event that included all manufacturers, but you can probably guess why they chose to focus on a particular brand.

(Christopher)>> Ken & I are both GM trucks guys. Those particular trucks, there's a lot a parts available. They're easy to work on. The Fords are getting there but, the GM trucks are where it's at. At the C-10 Nationals, we allow C-10's, C-20's, C-30K. We also allow o-b-s. Just about any year. At some point, you have to pick a name. Everybody knows what a C-10 is and knows what that means.

(Jimmy)>> With the C-10 Nationals thriving in Texas, they started looking to add events and Tennessee was the next logical choice, due to its location and peoples' passion for pickups.

(Don)>> I love C-10's. I love trucks. I've got a whole bunch of them. I love fixing them. I own a restoration shop and this is what we do.

(Shannon)>> My first vehicle was a truck. I've always liked trucks. It's just... I've got a Tahoe at home, and I've just always liked to truck.

(Christopher)>> Tennessee. It's the other end of the country where these trucks are and you have a lot of over-flow from the Carolinas, that whole Nascar community and how to fabricate. That has spilled over in this area of the country and I think you can see it in some of the trucks out here.

(Jeremy)>> It doesn't matter if you're into customs, classics or resto-mods. This event has a little bit of something for everybody. You can watch these trucks perform on the track or get some inspiration and friendly advice for your next GM project.

(Paul)>> There's a lot of nice people here and nice trucks. There's a lot of vendors.

(Don)>> Great event. Beautiful trucks here. Good selection and a lot of variety. I love seeing different things, good ideas for my next build.

(Bobby)>> I love the turn out. The amount of trucks has been great. The creativity, with all the different styles and gear and everything else. It's a good show.

(Christopher)>> A lot of guys that come are working on their truck. It's not quite ready. They need to talk to vendors. They're looking for ideas. They're going to go out where the show is. But then there's also the entertainment factor. Like we talked about earlier, with all the different activities that we have going on.

(Jimmy)>> This year's event brought out quite a few custom projects, that really made us stop and admire the craftsmanship that goes into creating these one-off builds. Like Bobby Cunningham's 16 passenger, Chevy school bus.

(Bobby)>> I always wanted something different and seeing pictures of other people's school buses, bread trucks and stuff. And I just decided... hey that's what I want to do. It's got an LS62, a 9-inch Ford rear end. air bags, rack and pinion, dual a-c's. We decided we'd bring it out and come to this.

(Jeremy)>> And don't forget the swap meet. Where you just may happen to stumble across those hard-to-find pieces to complete or add to your GM truck project. And who knows... you may event find your next project. So, if you're a GM truck enthusiast, the C-10 Nationals has something for everyone. ♪ ♪

(Jimmy)>> We've driven it on the street, but can it handle the track? We'll find out next. [tires squealing]

(Jeremy)>> Hey Guys! Welcome back. Well, we're out here at the Nashville Superspeedway and we're at the C-10 Nationals. Well, we drove this truck here for 1 reason and that's to put it on the autocross course. Well, since Jimmy's in the driver's seat, he's going to go set the pace.

(Jimmy)>> See you at the starting line.

(Jeremy)>> I will meet you down there. [engine revving]

(Jimmy)>> This truck flat out rips. I've had quite a few o-b-s chevy trucks, but nothing that handles quite like this. It feels really tight and stuck to the ground around the turns and stops on the dime. With a little more seat time, we could really get this truck dialed in. [engine revving] ♪ ♪ [tires squealling] We're running pretty good times out on the track and one big reason for that, is our Continental tires. We're running their Extremecontact Sport. This tire has sport plus technology that delivers precise steering, for maximum control and provides responsive handling. This dynamic ultra-high-performance tire comes in 4 different styles to handle all types of driving. The 335 30 sport tires we're using, are the perfect combination for our pro touring truck, on and off the course. And these will help us set fast track times we're looking for. ♪ ♪ All right dude! That was the most fun I've ever had in a vehicle.

(Jeremy)>> Well, you're running like the 32.7. You're right in the mix on it.

(Jimmy)>> I feel fast.

(Jeremy)>> Cool! Well, I want to feel fast too. So, I'm gonna hop in it and see if I can catch you. ♪ ♪ [tires squealing] This is the first time I've driven the truck since we started this project. And the o-b-s has made a huge transformation from the stock truck with big wheels and a ton of body roll, to an absolute animal on and off the track. I ran a bit slower than Jimmy, but with 33.6 second run. I'm right in the mix with the other trucks. ♪ ♪ We had a bunch of fun out here at the C-10 Nationals and now we get to do what this truck was made to do. And that's drive it right back home.

(Jimmy)>> We're right in the mix on the track and now we get to ride home in comfort.

(Jeremy)>> We've got a couple more things that we're going to go check out. So, that wraps it up. If you guys like anything you've seen, why don't you go to Powernation t-v dot com.

(Jimmy)>> And be sure to check out our build pages, where you can see project Junkmail, the Honda Rally Civic and more of our -o-b-s Chevy.

(Jeremy)>> Let's go for a little cruise.

(Jimmy)>> Everything's loud around here.

(Jeremy)>> I know, but that's so amazing. Our truck's loud too.

(Jimmy)>> A little bit. [engine revving]
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