It’s hard to make a DJ5 Mail Jeep cooler than it already is, but Carcass managed to do just that and build an off-road monster that delivers on its mission of conquering any terrain and keeping its character in the process. The guys sought a unique right-hand drive project that could maintain its allure no matter the project’s direction while providing the off-road performance few vehicles can match on the trails. They did this by stripping down the retired mail Jeep and starting from scratch.

When you’re looking to build a trail rig/crawler, it’s crucial to use the right parts; Carcass did just that. Choosing axles for this type of project requires something heavy-duty, and Dana 60’s were the ideal choice. The guys went on to fill the Jeep with quality parts supplied by Summit racing, did a gear change, and added 37″ tires for traction and ground clearance.

The custom suspension was designed in-house by the crew, and according to them, was the best part of the build. They added a set of coilover shocks that provided the suspension a lot of articulation. The drivetrain is a built inline-six 258 from Engine Power, the transmission came from a Jeep TJ, and the transfer case came from a Rubicon with a 4:1 ratio low range, ideal for crawling.

During its first run on the trails, Junk Mail sliced through the mud with ease and begged for more. The combination of tires, transmission, transfer case, gear, and axles worked in harmony, which allows us to add function to the list alongside great looks for this completed project.

Junk Mail DJ5 Jeep Pictures