Tim Allen Is The Latest To Receive His GT

Funny guy Tim Allen is known for his extensive collections of cars. And he’s the latest big name to be selected for a GT from Ford. And he’s put up a video so we can all take a look around. A few other GT owners you may recognize are Jay Leno and John Cena (who has been in hot water for selling his).

Allen introduces us to what he calls his “silver spaceship” and only has two rules for viewers: don’t comment on his hair or his shirt.

He says it’s unlike anything he’s ever driven, but points out that it’s tight on space but recognizes it’s made for going fast, not comfort. He makes a point to note that there’s not even room for the keychain from the factory – he wasn’t kidding about tight space!

It’s always nice to get a perspective from a fellow gearhead. Especially one that has enough money to buy toys like these! Overall, he seems to be pleased with the car. Are you a fan of the GT? Does his review change your mind? Let us know on Facebook what you think!

You can see the latest on John Cena’s feud with Ford below: