Talk About Serious Skills! Caterpillar 319D LN Climbing Onto A Rail Car!

You see construction equipment all the time but rarely do you think of these types of vehicles as being able to literally climb on top of large structures. You probably don’t ever think about this because it’s not everyday you see something like that happen but in this video, that’s exactly what happens! Although this stunt was pretty dangerous, the person driving it definitely has a lot of skill to be able to pull something like this off. In the automotive world there’s car skills, then there’s Caterpillar skills and this just takes things to a whole new level!

It’s amazing to watch this and see the precision and skill level of this driver. Every movement the driver makes the Caterpillar take is just amazing! Surprisingly it doesn’t take a whole lot of time for this giant Cat to make it on top of the rail car but when it finally does make it, it’s pretty satisfying to see, knowing how hard it must have been to pull this off to begin with! Such a cool thing to watch! What do you think about this Caterpillar climbing onto a rail car? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!