Ford Looking For Way To Eliminate “New Car Smell” After Complaints From China

Ford is in the process of getting rid of the famous “new car smell” that a vehicle has after it rolls off the production line. It’s the smell some people even try to replicate with air fresheners but overseas, mainly China, people don’t quite welcome it. And with Ford being a global automaker, not just selling the U.S., it’s something that has to be addressed.

It’s reported that in China, the biggest car market in the world, drivers hate the new car smell more than poor fuel economy. So Ford has filed a patent for an automated method to remove the smell. Per the patent request, the solution is to bake the smell out by parking the car in the sun, rolling down the windows and firing up the engine, heater, and fan.

So if you’re a fan of the new car smell, you may need to stock up on those air fresheners. Although as of now, it’s unclear if Ford will get rid of the smell worldwide.

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