The World’s Lowest Car Looks Like A Real-Life Video Game Glitch

A super-slammed FIAT Panda, the lowest car in the world
A super-slammed FIAT Panda, the lowest car in the world

Before you start questioning reality, let’s get a few things straight about the image you are seeing. This is the lowest car in the world, a super-slammed Fiat Panda made by Italian auto enthusiasts Carmagheddon. Not to be mistaken for a glitch from the Grand Theft Auto video game, or for some AI-generated trickery, this car hovers barely inches above the ground as it is able to be driven under its own power.

How Was The Lowest Car Built?

By taking a first-generation Fiat Panda that the Carmagheddon team found in a salvage yard, they removed the top half of the car from just below the door hinge. By chopping the car lengthwise, all that was left for them to use was the roof, windows, hood, and most of the doors into a fully-driveable vehicle.

By reinforcing the body with a boxed frame and raising the corners with casters, the lowest car to ever hit the road just barely hovers above the ground with only 1.2 inches of clearance, which is just enough to glide along smooth and flat streets.

Regarding the actual drivetrain, this car is powered by a two-stroke engine housed on a trike underneath. Because there would be no space or engineering available for the Fiat’s original engine to fit.

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How Is This Slammed Fiat Driven?

Because the lowest car in the world still needs to be driven by a human being in order to be considered a real car instead of an odd-looking RC car, the driver is able to operate it by lying down on their back. But because their view is obstructed by the roof, engine, and windshield, the driver is able tosee where they are going by using a GoPro camera mounted to the car that is streaming a live video feed to a smartphone in the driver’s cockpit.

With very limited space, driving this Fiat Panda can feel like a coffin on wheels. Not to mention the amount of gravel, dirt, and litter that might pop up inside the cabin from time to time. It is unknown whether or not this car is the official record-holder of the World’s Lowest Car, but it is certainly providing a strong (and short) case to claim it.

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