Flooded Roads Are No Obstacle For This Buick

Anytime it floods, many major roads and interstates are closed down because of safety concerns. In this video, it looks to be an interstate system that is completely flooded to the point where you can’t see the road at all in most spots. This road is obviously shut down because there isn’t a car in sight to be seen…except one. This crazy Buick is literally plowing through the flood waters like it wasn’t a big deal. Maybe they had to be somewhere important? Who knows!

A news helicopter captured this whole ordeal on camera. This Buick, not designed to be an off road vehicle, is driving through the flooded waters with ease. Although he made it through the waters just fine, this is still extremely dangerous and should never be attempted during a flood. Actually driving through any level of water isn’t the best idea in the world because of possible engine flooding and extensive electrical damage. What do you think about this Buick driver and and their decision to brave the flood waters and just drive on through? Let us know in the comments what you think and for more cool and crazy videos like this, stay tuned on PowerNationTV.com.