These Off-Roading Trucks Formed a 5-Person Tow Line To Rescue Their Buddies Stuck in the Mud

five off-roading trucks roped together to rescue friends stuck in the mud
five off-roading trucks roped together to rescue friends stuck in the mud

Anyone who has ridden in off-roading trucks understands just how much fun they are. You get to roll through the dirt, mud, and sand, and then you get to appreciate the Jackson Pollock splatter job left on your truck when you’re done. And it is certainly a big change when you’ve been so used to driving on pavement your whole life.

But the thing with nature is that it can be both unpredictable and unforgiving. So even the most seasoned of off-roading trucks can fall victim to the forces of Mother Nature. Just ask the guy whose Jeep Grand Cherokee got stuck in some unforgiving glacier mud in the Alaskan wilderness and needed to be rescued via helicopter!

Off-Roading Trucks vs Mother Nature

But sometimes when you think your mud run takes a turn for the worst, it can pay to have friends in dirty places. This is the case for a quintet of off-roading trucks all tied to each other via rope in an effort to pull some of their friends out of some deep mud pits at the San Gabriel Canyon in California. As shown in the shared video below, driving through the mud can be a lot of fun. But getting pulled out just to run through it again is a lot of fun too.

A Simple, 5-Man Mud Truck Rescue

Some off-road rescues require some sophisticated equipment, a steady hand, and large concentrations of power. But rather than resort to some high-end gadgets, these five trucks literally joined forces to help pull each other out of some thick mud using nothing but some rope and raw horsepower. At the front of the line we see a pair of Fords, followed by an early full-size Jeep, and then what looks like a pair of squarebody Chevys, with one of them freeing themselves by driving in reverse.

While this rescue tactic may not be the most technologically advanced, it is probably the most effective solution given the circumstances. If they were to wait for a tow truck to come to the rescue, the deep, thick mud may end up trapping it in the process. So connecting with each other, and then using that momentum to pull each other out along the line proved to be successful.

Just based on the reactions of the individuals operating the off-roading trucks in the video, as well as those commenting, it was good times all around. So nobody was acting like a stick in the mud. All that is left to do is to give the trucks and the drivers a nice, thorough shower.

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