This Bugatti Veyron vs BMW 2-Series Is The Ultimate Rich People Road Rage Incident

Road rage incident in China involving a rare Bugatti and a BMW 2 Series Grand Coupe
Road rage incident in China involving a rare Bugatti and a BMW 2 Series Grand Coupe

Road rage is never fun and should be avoided at all times. But every once and a while, a viral video comes along in which no sympathy can be mustered for either party. Especially when one of the cars involved is a $2 million Bugatti Veyron L’Or Rouge.

This is the case for a recent road rage incident in China where the driver of the BMW 2 Series Grand Coupe appears to have intentionally rammed his car into the Bugatti.

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Rich People Road Rage

As seen in the video below, we can see the footage from the BMW’s dashcam where the driver of the Bugatti attempts to aggressively cut (or merge) in front of it into the right lane. The BMW driver, not having it, refuses to give him an inch. Whenever the car in front moves forward, it turns into a game of who can move up first before the other.

The Bugatti driver, insistent on merging into the tiny open space, gets shut down each time. That was until things immediately got worse when both cars scuffed up against each other, resulting in the BMW carving a big gash into the passenger-side door of the Bugatti Veyron.

It was reported that the driver of the Bugatti apologized to the driver of the BMW for his behavior and even offered to buy him a new BMW (that’s quite an apology). But then attitudes quickly changed to both drivers continued their road rage face-to-face. According to locals, the driver of the Bugatti is known around town as an arrogant millionaire who allegedly owns a second Bugatti Veyron too.

Who Was In The Wrong?

While the amount of footage of the incident is short, and both drivers were acting unreasonably, it is a bit hard to know which person to feel sorry for. Do we feel sorry for the BMW driver who refused a supposedly arrogant millionaire from cutting in front of him in traffic? Or do we save our tears for the Bugatti driver, who was only trying to merge, and the BMW was the greedy one on the road?

It is unknown how the drivers settled their dispute. Though we can imagine that the insurance bill is going to be ridiculous.

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