An Unlucky Rider Gets Lucky At 140MPH

This rider got lucky. Really lucky. Joshua Boyd was riding at a track day in England when the belly pan on the yellow ZX10R in front of him flew off and hit him right in the helmet, according to LaneSplitter. It knocked him unconscious immediately but luckily he stayed in the bike long enough until he slipped off into the grass.

If he would’ve stayed on the bike or fell on the track, well, he might’ve had a different outcome. Luckily he walked away okay after he regained consciousness but it’s a good reminder that not all crashes are rider error and to make sure and check that your machine’s gear is always checked and in place.

This Sunday starting at 9am on Spike we have all new tech from the shops. In Engine Power, Pat and Mike start transforming a stock Mustang GT into the Rislone Mustang Sweepstakes Ride. They install a track engineered suspension system, massive brakes, plus wheels and tires.

Then on PowerNation Katie’s guest is Dan Muldowney, the co-founder of Race-Gas, a product you’ve seen used a lot on Engine Power. Dan is an avid racer and he’ll talk about why and how they created Race-Gas to solve problems he experienced at the track. He’ll also hint at some new products coming down the pike. So make sure you tune in.