Get into Spots Other Cordless Ratchets Can’t Fit

Removing or installing parts in those little nooks and crannies can cause grown gearheads to cry because their cordless ratchets won’t fit. That’s why you should get a Milwaukee M12 FUEL Insider Box Ratchet. When used with the included low-profile sockets, the ratchet’s 35% slimmer head provides over 3/4-inch of clearance compared to similar cordless ratchets. The M12 FUEL Insider Box Ratchet also provides 60 lbs.-ft. of torque and 350 RPM no-load speed.

Connecting Rods Won’t Bend Under Big Boost

Perfectly good connecting rods will bend under the incredible cylinder pressure loads of turbocharged and supercharged engines or engines running large hits of nitrous oxide. Boostline Connecting Rods are designed to survive under big boost. The 4340 steel rods have a hybrid design that combines the strength of an I-beam rod with the light weight of an H-beam rod. They also have triangulated pockets where the big end meets the beam area. This arrangement drastically increases the rod’s resistance to bending by 60% compared to a typical H-beam design.

Engine Building 101: Installation Tips for Piston & Connecting Rod Assemblies (Video)

In today’s video, our friends Brian and Mike from Summit Racing will take you through the entire process of installing your completed piston, piston ring, and connecting rod assemblies into your engine.

Knowing a few tips and tricks, and having the right tools makes this job much easier, they say.