A UPS Store Owner Personally Drove Package From Ohio To Florida To Ensure An On-Time Delivery

Talk about going the extra mile. Or 1,250 miles, to be exact.

Ardeshir Agahi and his wife, Gayle, own a UPS Store in Chagrin Falls, OH, and had a tough decision on their hands. A customer needed some paintings shipped overnight, however, unusual circumstances prevented the Agahis from getting them delivered on time using traditional shipment methods.

“We had made a promise to our customer and I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to make good on that promise,” Ardeshir told news Channel 8. “So I packed the car … my 2011 Subaru, and headed down to Florida.”

Ardeshir left his store at 10:30 a.m. Thursday and arrived at his destination of Naples, Florida, 23 hours later around 9:30 a.m. Friday. And he didn’t stick around to chat or get a thank you. He had work to do back in Ohio so after his delivery, he got back in his Subaru and headed north making it back just in time to open the store with his wife Saturday morning.

The Agahis aren’t sure if the customer knows the measures they took to deliver the package, but they say it doesn’t matter.

“That’s really not important,” said Ardeshir. “Really, I didn’t want to burden him with any of that. I just wanted to do the right thing.”

On top of that, they don’t want any special acknowledgment and just hope others are inspired by their story to be kind to others.

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