A Guy Was Able To Record The Moment A Driver Involved In A High-Speed Chase Crashed Into Him

There have been hundreds of high-speed chases caught on film. Usually, it’s from a police officer’s camera or some news station. This one is from an innocent bystander that got mixed up in the whole thing. Tyler Bisson was in his Silverado Z71 when officers pulled traffic over to the side of the road where the chase was happening. Dale Tucker was being pursued for a domestic dispute when the chase ensued in Maine. Officers laid down spike strips in the attempt to stop Tucker. And while they did, they also caused some damaged for innocent civilians. After Tucker hit the spike strips, his Cobalt spun out of control and hit two of the vehicles stopped on the road, Bisson’s truck being one of them. Bisson happened to be recording the whole scenario and filmed exactly when Tucker came to a screeching halt in the side of his truck. Luckily, nobody was hurt.

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