Street Racer Taunts Police Claiming They’ll Never Catch Him; Gets Caught

To some extent, you have to thank social media for helping produce all sorts of interesting characters, and even more interesting content. Imagine branding yourself as some mysterious, uncatchable street racer who evades police in a vibrant bluish-purple BMW? Sounds like something out of the first two Fast and Furious movies. But now that they are a dime a dozen, the well of mystique and edginess has gone dry. Not everyone can be the Black Ghost.

But every once and a while, that sort of disillusionment leads up to some karmic justice when one Canadian street racer’s arrogance leads to a gigantic self-own for the entire world to see. 

What happened was a 22-year-old TikToker from Ontario, Canada found out the hard way by posting videos of himself purposefully breaking the law around Toronto in a BMW M340i, it can also work against you. At first, he thought he was slick for avoiding capture and for having false license plates that read “SMURFY” and “WILL RUN”. But little did he know that the police were actually watching him the entire time. 

On August 16th, the driver of the BMW was arrested by York Regional Police. But even though they took him to jail, they weren’t quite done with him yet. 

When Police Troll The Troll

In a 46-second video shared to the police department’s TikTok account, viewers are treated to watching the BMW driver brag and gloat about being uncatchable, only to cut to officers loading his beloved BMW onto a flatbed .”No plate, no case? We’ll see about that,” the York Regional Police wrote in the video’s caption. “What’s good for this street racing influencer? Not much since were impounded his car and charged him with Dangerous Driving x3, after he posted videos of himself driving recklessly across our region.”

You have to give credit to the police department’s social media team for cutting up a BMW’s impounding in the same fashion as many other street racing videos do on social media. Plus, the “caught ya” was the coldest cherry on top we’ve ever seen. 

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