General Lee Dodge Charger Involved in Real-Life “Dukes of Hazzard” Crash on Missouri Highway

The Dodge Charger from The Dukes of Hazzard nicknamed “General Lee” is one of the most recognizable cars ever seen on television. Viewers would watch in excitement as members of the Duke family would outrun the long arm of the law in the iconic muscle car by taking part in several over-the-top stunts. Unfortunately, some of those stunts don’t translate well in real life.

According to a Facebook post to the Western Taney County Fire Protection District, on February 26th, responders arrived at the scene of an accident on highway 165 involving one of the General Lees used on the set of The Dukes of Hazzard show.

Authorities told the Springfield News-Leader that the Charger was the only vehicle involved in the crash. “After an investigation on scene, it was determined the driver of the vehicle was traveling too fast for the road conditions and lost control of the vehicle he was operating,” says Hollister Police Chief Preston Schmidt. Both the driver and passenger were transported to the hospital after sustaining moderate injuries.

Based on the photos, most of the damage was sustained to the driver’s side of the Charger including a significantly bent body, as well as damage to the front bumper, hood, front fender, and engine bay.

It is believed that 309 General Lee Dodge Chargers were used in the show’s history. Only a small number of Chargers managed to survive the filmed stunts, and Warner Brothers sold 17 of them to private owners in 1991. The cars that were totaled during filming would be transported off to a automotive graveyard.

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