Xtreme 4x4 Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

Advance Adapters
Adapter Kits, Transmission Output Shaft, Speed Sensor Ring, Toyota Doubler Adapter, and an Atlas II T-case.
Front Range Off-Road
Twin Stick Shifter.
JB Conversions
LoMax 3:1 Kit and an HD 231 T-case.
Mayhem Off-Road Park
A new off-road park in McMinnville, TN with 17 trails on 85 acres, a mud bog track / obstacle course, plus 23 acres to park any size truck or trailer. This place is full of nothing but rocks! <br><br> Contact Marvin Fults, Mayhem Off Road Park, 505 Thaxton Road, McMinnville, TN 37110 or email him at zukezilla@yahoo.com
Northwest Fab
Black Box - Planetary Reduction Housing.
Off Road Design
203/205 Doubler Kit.
Stak 4x4
Dana 300 Driver side Drop Case and a 3 Speed T-case.
Trail Tough Products
Rear Axle Disconnect for Toyota T-case.