Xtreme 4x4 Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

Advance Adapters
Atlas II transfer case. Replacement case for Jeep JK models. Heavy duty upgrade includes fully syncronized helical cut gears with twin stick operation to allow for indipendent shifting of either front or rear axle.
Cold air intake upgrade for Jeep JK. Improves airflow into engine to increase engine horsepower.
Gibson Performance Exhaust
Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust, designed to improve exhaust gas scavenging to improve engines efficiancy and therefore more horsepower.
MasterCraft Safety
Baja RS suspension seats. Suspension seats that not only provide superior driver containment and comfort, the RS series is a reclining suspension seat to allow for adjustable driving positions. As well a "flip forward" feature to help with access into the rear seta on 2 door vehicles.
Dana 44 Cable actuated locker assembly. Complete locker assembly, cable, and handle. Locks rear axle using hand operated lever. Includes heavy duty diff cover with integrated shoft fork.
Rubicon 44 replacement housing. Direct replacement housing for Jeep JK. Complete with axles, gears, and front E-locker.
Heavy Duty Rock Slider for Jeep JK. Desinged to protect vehicle rocker panels when driving off road. Made from heavy duty extruded aluminum, they protect the stock body from damage.