What Happens If You Fall Asleep With Tesla’s Autopilot On

Admit it, we’ve all wondered just how self-driving autonomous cars really are. Can you let it go and free up some time to get last minute projects done? Or do you need to sit and monitor it? Don’t know about you but we still have a little trouble relinquishing the control and doing something else besides driving behind the wheel.

Obviously, Tesla put some safety features in place to make sure that if you were to fall asleep, the car will stop itself from moving forward. Basically, the car can tell when the driver begins to nod off and gives a couple of warnings before it will eventually switch itself into a mode where the car starts to slow down and come to a stop. It also puts on the hazards to let everyone around you know that you’re stopping.

This YouTuber shows the entire sequence as their Tesla slows to a crawl before stopping entirely in this simulation that would show what happens if you were to fall asleep while driving. So sorry to put all those fake videos showing people sleeping and eating and whatever else behind the wheel to rest but for now, it doesn’t looks like you’ll still have to drive.