Tony Stewart Caught Punching Heckler In The Face

*Note: There is some language in the video.

Former NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart, lost it while he was signing autographs at a dirt track in Jackson, Minnesota, over the weekend. He ran toward a heckler and punched him right in the face…and it was all caught on video and posted to social media.

Stewart was driving in a sprint car race when his engine blew after the first lap and he then went and signed autographs for fans. It’s reported that the one fan was angry at Stewart, accusing him of bailing from the race on purpose.

Stewart can be seen giving the heckler the middle finger and telling him to “f–k off.”

Sources say Stewart thought he broke his hand and authorities weren’t called, rather track officials dealt with the situation internally.

Other fans seemed to be on Stewart’s side and a fan of how he handled the heckler situation.

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