Angry Ex-Girlfriend Sold Her Boyfriend’s Family Heirloom F100, Now Facing Felony Charges

1974 Ford F100
1974 Ford F100

If you’ve seen the John Wick movies, you know you should never mess with a man’s car and his dog. Well, one man’s ex-girlfriend may receive an award for raising the bar on how badly she broke one of those rules by selling his 1972 Ford F100 after a petty argument.

In a Reddit post by Polarium, he and his (now) ex-girlfriend had another one of those typical relationship arguments where she felt he wasn’t taking enough care of their two cats. According to him, while he was gone, his girlfriend drove his ’72 Ford F100, a family heirloom in pristine condition, and sold it to a junkyard for $400.

Obviously, this was more than enough to be the last straw and he immediately packed up his things, and his cat, and broke up with her.

Did He Relocate His Family’s Prized F100?

Now his primary objective is to find out which junkyard she sold his F100 to and hopefully get it back. In a series of updates, he was informed by a friend that his truck was at a local junkyard and was in rough condition. There were a few signs of scratched paint, flash rusting, and the brake line was broken. Additionally, he had to pay the junkyard owner $400 to get the truck back. Apparently, she was able to sell the F100 by forging her boyfriend’s signature on the paperwork. This may not have been the best outcome for this nightmare, but it certainly wasn’t the worst.

What Happened To The Girlfriend?

Believe it or not, there actually is some good news to come out of this story. Since stealing her ex-boyfriend’s F100 and selling it without his knowledge, the man’s ex-girlfriend has been charged with a C1F for grand theft auto and fined $5,000. On top of that, he is building his lawsuit against her and aims to slam-dunk the end of their relationship in court.

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