Lane Splitting Pro! Wheelies Through London Traffic On A Dirt Bike!

Lane splitting is a controversial thing, with a lot of people questioning how safe it actually is for both the bikers and drivers of nearby cars. When people lane split on a motorcycle or other type of bike, they basically just drive between cars in traffic, which is beneficial to the bikers because they save time and they also argue it is safer for them to do so. However you hear about stories and see videos of car drivers opening up their doors, knocking the biker off into the road. You also hear about cars changing lanes suddenly, causing the motorcycle who’s lane splitting to crash into the car resulting in a bad accident. Well, besides how you feel about the safety of lane splitting when it’s done normally, you can’t argue that the biker in this video is clearly doing something extremely dangerous. Now not only is this dirt bike rider speeding while lane splitting but they are also doing wheelies literally the entire time! Thankfully the rider didn’t crash or another car crash into them. Regardless, this wasn’t a very safe thing to do! What do you think about it? Any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!