People Keep Trying to Use Mannequins To Fool Police While Using the HOV Lane

Mannequin detained by Massachusetts State Police when its driver attempted to use it for the HOV Lane
Mannequin detained by Massachusetts State Police when its driver attempted to use it for the HOV Lane

It’s not uncommon for normal, daily commuters to feel a hint of envy for those using the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane, aka the “carpool lane”, while being stuck in traffic every morning on the way to work. They can move right along past the masses while the rest of us are in gridlock like a bunch of suckers. Sure, you could go ahead and drive in the HOV lane by yourself if you want, but you’ll have to suffer the fines since it’s only you in your vehicle. Or is it…

A Dummy in the HOV Lane

That is because in a post shared on the State Police Association of Massachusetts Facebook page, they revealed an amusing tactic many drivers have been using for years in an attempt to cheat the system and use the HOV lane without any consequences. Specifically, dressing up mannequins to appear like a real human to fool police and scanners.

“A Trooper from SP South Boston recently stopped the operator of a Mercedes-Benz who was driving in the HOV lane without the required two occupants,” the post said. “Instead, in an attempt to replicate a second passenger, she had strapped in this mannequin. Let this post serve as a reminder that the HOV lane is reserved for vehicles with two or more HUMAN passengers (mannequins, dogs and imaginary friends don’t count) in order to keep our roads safe and traffic regulations respected.”

Based on the photo, it appears that the driver attempting to fool authorities really did put in some decent effort to make the mannequin resemble a real person, including glasses, a button-down shirt, and even a COVID facemask hanging off the ear for extra detail. They were even safely bucked up!

Mannequins aren’t the only tools being used in attempts to fool authorities. One driver used an inflatable Grinch to pass as a real person in the HOV lane!

While many other mannequins failed to fool authorities in the HOV lane, perhaps their blank, stoic expressions could be put to better use at a poker table.

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