Instant Karma For A Kia Driver

Watching videos like this are so satisfying. We’ve all seen a driver like this. Everyone is stuck in wall-to-wall traffic with nowhere to go and nothing to do but wait. We’re all in the exact same boat, whether we have something important to do or not. But there’s always that one person that decides they’re better than everyone else or have more important things to do and try to squeeze through on the shoulder or in between lanes or whatever the case may be. This person was a shoulder offender.

Except this person got what was coming to them when they were flying down the shoulder trying to be smart, and all of a sudden they come up on a police officer. The driver sees the cop car and immediately hits the brakes. But it’s too late because whether they were speeding or not, they shouldn’t have been over there on the shoulder. They should have been sitting in traffic like everyone else.