The Most Expensive Car Offered As A Prize on “The Price Is Right” Cost Nearly $300k

Ferrari 458 Spider, offered as a prize on The Price Is Right

Everyone loves watching The Price Is Right. Whether you were a kid and took a sick day from school, or if you had a weekday off from work, this was the show we all tuned into to watch regular, everyday people play our favorite games and win some extraordinary prizes.

Among the many prizes, a new car was always a big deal. They would range from common daily driver vehicles to some very high-end rarities and to take one home, the contestants would usually have to accurately guess its price. Some would nail it on the head. Some would fall short. Then there would be some that were way off-base.

What Was The Priciest Car on “The Price Is Right”?

But one particular vehicle that was offered as a prize also happened to be the most expensive to ever appear on the show. That happened to be the Ferrari 458 Spider that left the contestant, the audience, the viewers, and even the show’s model in amazement, which was valued at $285,716.

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Produced from 2009 to 2015, the Ferrari 458 Spider was certainly not your average grocery-getter. This sports car was capable of producing 562 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque with a top speed of 199 mph. Even the roar of its 4.5-liter V8 engine would be enough to wake you up more than any cup of coffee ever could. So for an average person to land this car on The Price Is Right would be a huge stroke of luck!

Did The Contestant Win It?

The lucky contestant named Therese was granted the opportunity to take home this high-end Ferrari. All she had to do was correctly guess its price in the game 3 Strikes. However, given that its price was six digits instead of five, the game was going to be a bit more difficult.

This moment had everyone in the studio audience and at home excited and nervous for Therese. Unfortunately, she drew three strikes before she was able to guess any numbers of the car’s price correctly. But even after 10 years, the Ferrari 458 Spider’s appearance remains one of the biggest moments to ever happen in the history of The Price Is Right.

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