Illinois Museum Says Its General Lee Charger Will Stay On Display

Statues of Confederate generals, flags, and soldiers have been taken down across the country. NASCAR and Forza are among several organizations that have banned the flag. However, a northern Illinois auto museum has no plan to stop displaying a Dodge Charger from the “Dukes of Hazzard” that displays the Confederate battle flag on the roof.

The Volo Auto Museum is located about 50 miles northwest of Chicago says the “General Lee” vehicle from the first season of the TV show located in their museum isn’t going anywhere.

“We feel the car is part of history, and people love it,” museum director Brian Grams told the Northwest Herald. “We’ve got people of all races and nationalities that remember the TV show and aren’t offended by it whatsoever. It’s a piece of history and it’s in a museum.”

The museum claims the car is the last surviving 1969 Charger from the first season of the popular tv show. Grams has said that the museum has received no complaints and continues to hear from people supporting the decision to keep the car.

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