Ford Is Tempting Jeep Owners By Offering $1,000 Off a New Bronco

The Ford Bronco vs. Jeep Wrangler rivalry is one that will continue to rage on, so long as either company has breath in its lungs. They are both boxy, all-American SUVs that are designed to dominate off-roading trails with massive, cult-like followings, and they have been locked in fierce competition with each other for years. Just like the iPhone vs. Android, or the Boston Red Sox vs. the New York Yankees, both sides will look for ways to keep themselves ahead of the game and win over the marketplace.

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Ford’s Plan to Convert Jeep Owners to the Bronco

But It is also common for one side to take direct aim at another, such as Ford’s most recent incentive for potential new Bronco customers. According to CarsDirect, Ford will be paying Jeep owners to buy a Bronco by putting up a $1,000 discount off the ticket price of a 2024 model as well as the Bronco Sport. This deal also applies to any leftover new 2023 Ford Broncos and Bronco Sports.

There are no requirements on the Jeep model to receive the discount, and potential customers don’t even have to offer their Jeeps as trade, though Ford wouldn’t argue against taking it a Wrangler anyway. Ford will just simply shave off $1,000 to Jeep owners to have the Bronco in their garage.

Deal Limitations

While this does sound like an interesting deal to nab yourself a new Bronco, there are some limitations in place. First, the only Bronco model that this deal does not apply to is the 2024 high-performance Bronco Raptor.

Second, those interested need to currently own a Jeep with the model year 1995 or newer.

Third, this deal is only available at dealers in select cities: Chicago, New York, and Phoenix. Meanwhile, those in Atlanta and Dallas will offer the same incentive but are offering $500 off.

It is not very often that one automaker will directly target a rival like this, but when it comes to the free market, everything is fair game.

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