Gold Rolls Royce Causes Distracted Subaru Driver To Wreck

This tends to happen often. Distracted driving, in all forms, is a major problem in todays society as many people are causing serious wrecks due to not paying attention to the road. It’s not that hard to stay focused on the road ahead but unfortunately many people struggle to drive responsibly.

In this video, we see a really fancy gold Rolls Royce. Now it’s understandable to look at such a nice, expensive car like a Rolls Royce. Anybody would want to check a car like that out if they saw one but if you’re driving while you see it, it’s probably not wise to take your eyes off the road for a significant amount of time. During filming of this Rolls Royce by a bystander, we hear a sudden crashing noise. Yep, someone just crashed while in traffic looking at the car!

The car that crashed turned out to be a Subaru. The guy driving probably was pretty embarrassed that he crashed while distracted looking at such a non-important thing. What do you think about this fail crash? Have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think and for more videos stay tuned on