Dune Buggy Smashes Into ATV


In this video out in the desert somewhere, you see a lot of trucks, dune buggy’s and ATV’s riding around. It looks like fun! Everyone seems to be having a good time, except when a certain dune buggy decides to get wild. Suddenly you see a dune buggy doing a wheelie across the sand, which looks pretty cool right? Well, the dune buggy just keeps going full speed ahead and veers left RIGHT into the path of an unsuspecting ATV rider.

Now, this out of control dune buggy smashes into the poor ATV rider throwing the rider out in the sand. Whoa! That look like it hurt! You can hear the people behind the camera freaking out at what just happened. The dune buggy then comes to a sudden stop after they realized what they just did. A guy shows up on another ATV and immediately stops. He then gets off and runs over to the guy who was just hit by the dune buggy. Wow! Thankfully it wasn’t worse than it actually was but regardless, the driver of the dune buggy needs to pay attention from now on. What do you think about this craziness? Let us know in the comments!