Mercedes-Benz Reveals G-Class SUV as a Space-Age Moon Buggy in a Puffy Jacket

As part of its collaboration with luxury clothing brand Moncler, Mercedes-Benz revealed a unique take on its G-Class SUV as part of Moncler’s “The Art of Genius” show at London Fashion Week. By replacing the tires and roof with a puffy chrome material similar to that of many popular winter jackets, the G-Class SUV was revealed to resemble a futuristic high-end moon buggy.

In a press release, the “Art of Imagination” theme is “an inspirational message to dream big and to explore their own firsts: breaking new ground, put the impossible in reach, and discover without limits. The collaborative art piece PROJECT MONDO G marks Moncler’s first automotive partnership.”

The vehicle itself received some impressive modifications in order to cater to the collaboration. The roof of the vehicle was removed from the B pillar and was replaced with the chrome fabric that even comes with a jumbo-sized zipper as an alternative entry point, and the overall width of the SUV has measured at 11 feet thanks to its shiny enlarged tires.

The G-Class SUV also received a patina paint job to compliment the vehicle’s suggested functionality. It also serves as a visual counterpoint to balance the stark contrast to the high-gloss tires and roof, which is intended to symbolize high-class and luxury.

While the vehicle is certainly an eye-catcher, it exists only as an art piece and not as a new G-Class coming off the Mercedes-Benz production line. But in the event that humanity colonizes the moon and other planets, perhaps we may see these vehicles more often.

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