Couch Falls Off Truck – Biker Moves It Out Of The Way

What a nice guy! You see this kind of stuff on a regular basis, where stuff falls off trucks. You’ll be driving down the interstate and you’ll see a lot of things in the road like furniture or other random items that have fallen off an unsecured truck. Some people unfortunately don’t know how to secure things very well when transporting items on the back of their vehicle. This is extremely important to understand how to safety transport items because if they fall off, they can potentially cause a bad accident.

The biker in this video was just cruising along like any other day, when suddenly a couch up ahead falls off the back of a truck. This is obviously extremely dangerous due to the large size of the couch which could cause a bad pile up or worse. Instead of just driving by, the biker decides to pull over and helps move the couch out of the way so traffic can safely go on their way. Although it was dangerous that he got out in traffic to move the couch, traffic stopped to let him move it. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!