Check Out This DIY Custom Rotary Tool

Car enthusiasts have been using the cordless rotary tool for a long time now but an innovative YouTuber has an interesting take on this classic tool. Johnnyq90 of YouTube, released a 20-minute video of him building a custom rotary tool that’s powered by a nitro-burning piston engine from an R/C car!

Something this creative required that Johnnyq90 build nearly every part from scratch. It took multiple attempts with three different nitro-burning R/C engines to make the tool functional. What an awesome DIY project!

This Sunday at 9am there’s all new tech from the shops. In Truck Tech, the ’89 Blazer gets stripped to bare metal for repair, and the SuperMax Silverado is treated to front suspension, fuel delivery upgrades, and performance brakes.

And this week on PowerNation Katie features the 1967 Gabriel El Camino that you can enter to win. Truck Tech’s Jeremy and LT haven’t finished it yet, but we wanted to show it to you now after the awesome paint scheme Jeremy laid down. Gabriel’s Director of Marketing Jonathon Gore will join Katie to talk about the 50th anniversary of HiJacker Shocks and how this El Camino is a celebration of that. It has a LS making about 550 horsepower and of course comes with HiJacker Shocks. Check it out this week on PowerNation. To enter you can visit or