Auto Industry Icon, Lee Iacocca, Passes Away At 94

The automotive industry is saying goodbye to an icon, Lido Anthony Iacocca. Lee Iacocca, best known for rescuing Chrysler from the brink of failure, and the development of several Ford vehicles, has died at the age of 94.

In addition to becoming president of Ford Motor, he led the 1980s turnaround of Chrysler and became the face of the company with his catchphrase “If you can find a better car, buy it.”

Iacocca was first hired as Ford’s president in 1970 after starting as an engineer in 1946. While at Ford he was involved in the development of the both the Ford Mustang and Ford Pinto.

After being fired from Ford he moved on to rival automaker, Chrysler and quickly turned the company around after going to Congress to request a loan guarantee. He was once again involved in development in vehicles such as the K-car and minivan.

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