Honoring Joe Elmore: An Iconic Legend in Automotive and Travel Television

It is with heavy hearts that we at POWERNATION remember Joe Elmore, a true icon in the world of automotive and travel television. Joe, the beloved host of shows like “Horsepower TV” and “Muscle Cars,” passed away in the early hours of Monday, June 17. He was 80 years old, leaving behind a legacy that spans decades and touched countless lives.

Early Career and Contributions to Television

Joe Elmore’s journey in television began long before he became a household name in automotive circles. Growing up in Arkansas, Joe earned a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from Arkansas State University and a Master of Arts degree in broadcasting and film from the University of Memphis. He served as the university’s media relations director and an assistant professor in the journalism department before moving on to become a general assignment reporter, weekend anchor, and feature reporter for WHBQ-TV in Memphis. During his five years there, Joe co-hosted the station’s “PM Magazine.”

In 1985, Joe moved to Nashville, where he began working on shows for the Nashville Network, marking the start of his prolific television career. His versatility and engaging personality made him a standout figure, whether he was covering local events, interviewing celebrities, or presenting special features.

The Rise of an Automotive TV Icon

Joe’s rise to prominence in the automotive world began with “Horsepower TV,” where he took viewers into the heart of the garage, transforming ordinary vehicles into extraordinary machines. His expertise and ability to explain technical details clearly and engagingly inspired countless enthusiasts to start their own projects.

A Beloved Host of Tennessee Crossroads

Beyond his contributions to automotive television, Joe Elmore was also a cherished host of the “Tennessee Crossroads” series. Since its inception in 1987, Joe served as the face of this magazine-style travel show, which airs on stations across Tennessee and the Southeast. “Tennessee Crossroads” remains one of the highest-rated shows in the PBS system, thanks in no small part to Joe’s phenomenal skills, kind-heartedness, and wonderful sense of humor.

A Message from POWERNATION President Matthew Hawkins 

“Joe Elmore was a legend of POWERNATION and a mentor to many within the POWERNATION family. His passion for educating and entertaining our viewers was unparalleled. There truly was no one like Joe; he was one of a kind, and POWERNATION was lucky to have him as part of our family for so long. Joe’s impact on the automotive community and television industry will be felt for many years to come. Our deepest condolences go out to his family and loved ones during this difficult time,” said Matthew Hawkins, President of POWERNATION.

Fans Show Their Support

Following the announcement of Joe Elmore’s passing, fans from all over the world took to social media to express their condolences and share their memories. From heartfelt messages to stories of personal inspiration these messages underscored the profound impact Joe had on his viewers. Many fans recalled how Joe’s shows inspired their own automotive projects or adventures across Tennessee, highlighting his role as a mentor and friend to countless enthusiasts.

A Lasting Legacy

Joe Elmore’s contributions to television were recognized in 2014 when he was inducted into The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Nashville/Midsouth Chapter’s Silver Circle, an honor given to those with at least 25 years of service to the television industry and significant contributions to the community.

In addition to his television work, Joe enjoyed writing and recording music in his home studio, traveling, and photography. His multifaceted talents and passions made him a remarkable individual both on and off the screen.

Joe Elmore and the Gearheads Perform Horsepower

In Memory of Joe Elmore

As we remember Joe Elmore, we celebrate his vast contributions to both automotive and travel television. His dedication to his craft, ability to educate and entertain, and unwavering passion for storytelling and cars will never be forgotten. Joe’s spirit lives on in the projects he inspired and the countless memories he created for fans around the world.

In a world where television shows come and go, Joe Elmore’s legacy stands as a testament to what it means to truly love and share one’s passions. He was more than a host; he was a mentor, a friend, and a true television legend. Rest in peace, Joe Elmore. Your legacy will continue to inspire and drive the passion of enthusiasts and travelers for generations to come.

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