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Parts Used In This Episode

Advanced Plating
Plating of non-metal materials, dash panel and door panels.
AIRAID Cone filter, Pre-Filter,cleaning kit.
Allied Wheels
5 X 4.5" B.C. 16 X 8 Black Daytona steel wheels.
ARB 4x4 Accessories
Compact air locker management system. Uses small compressor and integrated tank to provide air supply for both front and rear lockers.
B&B Auto Trim Shop
Custom upholstery, door panels, dash insert, seats, flooring and headliner.
BF Goodrich
315/75R16 BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM2.
Fixed reservoir 5150 shocks.
Daystar Products International, Inc.
Daystar Comfort Ride Suspension kits are the perfect choice for a lift that will not only increase vehicle height, but enhance performance. Improve ground clearance, allow for larger tires, utilize most of the stock components and improve the all around on & off road capabilities at an affordable price.
Spark plug wire set, Iridium tip spark plugs.
T.E.S. headers, Jeep Grand Cherokee 92-98 5.2/5.9L, 409 stainless steel for heavy-duty applications and towing.
Bolt-on fuel catalyst for Dodge Cummins 5.9.
2.50 " IN (Center) OUT (Offset) SUPER 44 Off road series muffler.
Gold Eagle Co.
DieselPower! Complete Fuel System Treatment, DieselPower! Fuel Injector Cleaner, DieselPower! Performance Improver & Cetane Booster.
ZJ Hard-KOR Steering box brace, ZJ Kevin's Hard-KOR Radiator support.
Norton Automotive Refinishing Products
SpeedGrip Structural Adhesive.
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Cap, rotor, & coil.
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Westin driving lights.
Optima Red Top Battery.
Powder coatings and equipment for applying powder coatings.
PX3 Lubricants
PX3 Xtreme oil booster.
48 inch hi-lift jack, handle keeper, bumper mount.
Rusty's Off Road
Suspension lift kit, 5.5" Long arm system, transfer case skid plate, fuel tank skid plate, tie rod end and drag link.
Stage 8 Locking Fasteners
SB Mopar (Incl. 5.2 & 5.9 Liter) 12pt. Header Bolt Kit 5/16-18x1" bolts 12pt.
Summit Racing
Universal Spun Metallic Catalytic Convertor.
The Eastwood Company
2K Ceramic Chassis Black, Spray Max 2K urethane aerosol high-gloss clearcoat, Spra-Tool paint sprayer.
Watsons Street Works
Flamed Neat Nob door handle releases with smooth knobs.